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Real, relatable care + support to let the lovely in!

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At-home yoga clubs

We replace the guilt, self-doubt and anxiousness with confidence, kindness and empowered good vibes.

Raw + relatable meditations

Light-hearted, friendly and personable attitudes remind us we can take on any challenge with grace, gratitude and twinkly, joyful acceptance.

Weekly inspirational emails

With realistic advice, we recognize our efforts, mistakes and strengths and flipping enjoy it all!

Transformative 1:1 coaching

For the good of all women, I show you how to praise self-respect, commend self-empowerment and acknowledge your worth with aligned, loving action.

What my members say...

Image of Katelyn testimonial for Yoga LIVE

Katelyn, Christchurch

"the best part of Yoga LIVE is I can do it wherever and whenever... I feel a lot calmer, I can deal with the stresses of life and overall my mind is just quieter!"

Image of Siobhan testimonial Yoga LIVE with Helen Sian India

Siobhan, Westport

"I was looking for something that was just for me, and I knew I wanted to find my place of calm and peace within all the loud and noise that is always around me. It's helped me be the mother I want to be - I'm grateful for Helen because she is such a helpful, response, thoughtful coach and friend"

Felicity testimonial Yoga LIVE with Helen Sian India

Felicity, Christchurch

"I love Helen's Yoga LIVE so much, she fits in with my life. If you have constant distractions like your family and work, it allows you to have time-out for yourself. All you have to lose from trying is a few extra worries!"




“It’s like having your own expert friend on call to help you through the tough days. She helps you get a better outlook on life because she motivates you to take time-out. I have more energy now, and I find myself liking me more!”

let's get calm + confident together, shall we?

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