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Hey beautiful, I'm Helen

You’re an ambitious, intelligent woman. You’ve worked hard to get where you are in life. And yet you’re still searching for something. Despite everything, you still worry that you’re missing out on the life you’ve always dreamed of.

I am here to help you make the change you’re seeking.

I work with you to address the problems in your life one by one. We work together to craft a unique program tailored to your concerns. I give you small, straight-forward tips that will improve your life from day one. You will learn how to deal with stress, how to stay calm, and how to achieve all your goals with laser-sharp focus.

I know that you can feel radiant, glowing, powerful, beautiful, and fulfilled. Let’s work together to find your Sweet Spot – a place of perfect balance in mind, body + soul..

be sweet. be kind.

Empower + strengthen. De-stress + stretch. Neutralise + balance. Come to one of my 2 classes in Bryndwr, Christchurch and start finding your true self.

Reduce stress, increase calm and tone up fast with 1:1 yoga + wellness coaching. Hire me for staff wellbeing with corporate classes.   

Can never find the time and struggle with the weekly cost and travel stress of classes? Join me for beautiful live sessions at just $10 a month. New intakes available.


Struggle finding time to attend studio classes? Wish the weekly costs were cheaper? Ready to strengthen, reduce stress and feel empowered?

Join me and the other Sweet Spotters every Monday – Thursday and practice live for just $10 per month.

What my clients say

I love my yoga sessions with Helen Sian India! A friend introduced me to Helens yoga classes, a first for me and I am now totally addicted. Each programme Helen develops is so carefully thought through that it caters for a beginner like me through to a more advanced participant. I love the gentle way Helen manages to get the best from all of us, she challenges yet never pushes, encourages and nutures. She weaves a meditation through the fluid moves so you end each session feeling calm, relaxed, more supple and confident. If I could I would start each day with a class!
Company Director
I have just completed a 1:1 three month yoga wellness package with Helen. I was very nervous about joining yoga as I have several injuries and I knew nothing about yoga apart from what I have seen on social media. Helen has given me inner strength I didn’t know my body & mind had, I have learnt so much from her and I am truly grateful for this.
What was really important to me was to learn how to deal with and cope with stress in my life. With all these new skills I have gained I feel more confident and in control of my life, Helen is a lovely warm person she is really approachable and sincere she really cares about your wellness.
Business Manager
Talking to Helen made me realise I have a long way to go with 'self-love' and 'self worth'. I was beating myself up for being upset about certain things. Even just acknowledging some of my feelings, rather than pushing them away made me feel better. And to acknowledge the small victories in my day to day life, not just huge goals. Helen made me feel completely comfortable opening up to her about everything. I really felt like I was talking to a friend. We all know it’s difficult to be completely honest, open and expose those painful feelings but Helen encouraged me and put me at ease.
Landscape Architect

“you lack nothing, use what I gave you”


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