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4 simple stretches to reduce stress at your desk

It’s difficult being sat down all day – trust me I know. Our necks end up hurting, our wrists get tired and achy, our lower backs start feeling tight. And do you know what effect this has? Sorry to scare you, but it actually has a really detrimental effect on our health. Not only is it causing us physical discomfort, it leads to more stress in our lives, digestion issues, low motivation, headaches, poor sleep, fatigue… the list goes on. And this is all because we’re not looking after our poor bodies. Here are 4 simple stretches to reduce stress. Store them in your memory so you can do them anywhere – including your desk.

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With better posture, better stretches, better movement, we’re looking at a complete overhaul of our health. You can look forward to better sleep, more focus, more energy, better digestion, improved confidence and better skin.. And again, ALL because we start to look after ourselves physically.

And I’ll tell you something – it’s actually REALLY easy to rectify! Want to know the key to making sure you’re getting all the good bits and eliminating all the bad? It’s simple – consistency. I’m afraid to say that you just can’t expect everything to be fine and dandy after one week of these stretches. To really feel results, it has to be a daily practice. But the good news is, it roughly takes 10 minutes a day to reduce stress with this method. And everything you’re going to learn here can be done at your desk – how great!

Become Aware of Your Body

Most people don’t know how good their bodies can actually feel. This is something I teach to staff members every week because once we become more aware of our bodies, it can literally change our lives. It’s made such a huge impact to the lives of those who have chosen to take it on. So join the wellness movement so you can get the most out of your life before the chronic issues arise.

Here are 4 simple movements and stretches to reduce stress – anywhere and everywhere including your desk.

1. Eagle Arms

Firstly! We have the beautiful eagle arms! This opens up your upper back, shoulders and wrists. It encourages good posture along with easing discomfort around the upper body, and strengthens muscles to promote a better seated position when you’re working. Do this 2-3 times a day for a few minutes at a time, each side and you’re good as gold.

2. Twist

Secondly, a nice twist. How often do you find yourself moaning about an achy lower back? Or you can feel the tension growing? Yeah, this is the one for you. It opens up your entire spine and helps with digestion so when our blood flow isn’t working as well as it should (when we’re sat down all day), this helps to get everything moving and squeezing through you. To get the most out of this one, breathe in when you’re facing forwards and breathe out when you twist – this gives those organs a beautiful massage whilst you’re at it.

Helen Sian India doing stretches at desk

3. Lion Hands

Almost there… how often are you typing? Most days? A few hours a day? Any repetitive movement can be harmful to your body, so make sure you look after those parts you use most. Stretch out those much neglected hands and fingers! Super simple, yet super effective, these lion hands will get you roaring in pleasure from the fabulous stretch. Simply follow the hand and arm stretches, thank me later. P.S. it can feel quite tight when you first start giving it a go, but keep at it 🙂

Helen Sian India doing wrist stretch at work

4. The Moon

Finally, let’s get like the beautiful moon. Tightness through your neck and shoulders? Or ever feel like you’re squishing your insides from hunching so much? This one will change everything for you. It opens up your waist to help all your organs glow and work effectively, and it stretches out your wrists and opens up your shoulders. Very easy, and the more you do it, the more movement you’ll notice. Do this 2-3 times a day as well, a few breathes at a time and you’re WINNING.

Helen Sian India doing stretch at work

Oh and remember, even when these start working and you feel the difference – keep at it! Your muscles have now got used to being stretched, strengthened and loved. Keep your body strong and supple and consistently do these delicious stretches to keep your stress at bay. You got this, and your body will certainly love you for it.

Hello good sleep, healthy digestion, glowing skin, increased energy and reduced stress – everything you deserve already.

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