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5 effective yoga poses for soothing achy shoulders

Achy shoulders is becoming such a problem nowadays that it now has an official name – tech neck. We spend so much time looking down at our phones, hunching over desks and typing on a PC all day and our necks are taking the brunt of it. But it can be sorted quickly, effectively and inexpensively with some simple yoga poses for soothing achy shoulders. No need for doctors visits, constant pain killers or chiropractors. Just easy to do stretches. That’s some good news right there!

How harmful actually are achy shoulders and tech neck?

If we ignore the stiffness and cricks in our upper body, we don’t have much to look forward to. Leaving achy shoulders untouched will only make the pain worse,  lead to stronger headaches and reduced mobility over time. It can also cause jaw pain and encourage balance issues. No good! All it takes is some effective yoga poses, done regularly and you can avoid a lot of extra cost and pain.

How do I make the stretches work for me?

As with any stretching as rehab or prevention, it needs to be done regularly. I so often get told ‘I love stretching but I never have time to do it’. Don’t leave it until it’s too late and the pain starts affecting your daily life – make time for it. As one of my Yoga LIVE members said the other day, it doesn’t take going to a studio every week for an hour to count. All it takes is 20 minutes here and there or 5 minutes a day to notice a change in your physical and mental health.

When our shoulders are relaxed we feel more confident and capable and more ready to take on the day. Remind yourself of this whenever something else decides to take priority and remember you’re worthy of the 5 minute stretch break.

A simple alarm or reminder on your phone will do the trick. Or build it into your existing routine. Stretch when you wait for your kettle to boil. Stretch when you’re brushing your teeth. Stretch for 5 minutes in your car before you head to the office. Keep things simple and you’re golden.

5 effective yoga poses for soothing achy shoulders


Firstly! We have the beautiful eagle arms! Give yourself a little hug with your arms wrapped around you. Unravel your arms keeping your elbows stacked and bring either the back of your hands together or your palms if you can. Lift your elbows and relax your shoulders. Do this a few times. Yum!

Neck Rolls

This is super easy. Lower your left ear to your left shoulder, back to the middle, right ear to right shoulder. Now drop your chin to your chest. Allow the weight of your head to stretch the back of your neck, no force just allow your head to hand forward. Come back the centre. Easy peasy!

Shoulder Rolls

Start by bringing both shoulders up towards your ears, hold and now lower them back down. Bring them even lower still. Do this a few times then begin to make big circles. Not half moons, full beautiful circles, really allowing your shoulders to drop. Do this once an hour a few times and you’ll notice it easing up in no time.

Seated Bow

Start by sitting (obvious I know) and bring your hands together behind your back. Clasp your hands by interlacing your fingers and straighten your arms behind you. Lean forward and draw your arms up towards the ceiling as high as you can and return! Do this a few times throughout the day/week and you’ll be making a lot of aaaah sounds 😉

The Moon

Finally, let’s get like the beautiful moon. It’s similar to Seated Bow, just the other way around! Clasp your hands and interlace your fingers in-front of you this time. Reach up and over your head keeping your elbows straight and arch your back. As you breathe out, lower your arms towards your knees, keeping them straight and curve your back as you draw your shoulders towards your ears, dropping your head. After a few of these your neck will be smiling!

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