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7 ways to make life easier when you’re stressed

It’s funny that we typically choose the hard route, over things that make life easier, without even knowing we’re doing it. We think we’re taking shortcuts and making things easier on ourselves, but ultimately we only make things harder. And when we’re stressed, we don’t often see the most straight-forward solution so we go with what we think is easiest at the time.

You might be making your life harder without knowing…

I was chatting to a friend the other day, and she mentioned that she had some pots she needed to take back to her boyfriends house but she just kept forgetting. She did what she thought was easiest and took them out of the cupboard and put them on the bench to remember (that didn’t work). So she put them by her keys to remember (that didn’t work either). She moved them to right in-front of the door (SHOCKER… she still forgot.) She eventually remembered to take them with her, but she went a really long and hard way around it. You ever find yourself doing this? Instead of putting the washing away, we just put it on the bed. Instead of taking the bins out we precariously balance every bit of rubbish we can. We think we’re making things easier on ourselves in that moment, but really we’re making things harder. If we stop taking shortcuts and live mindfully, we make life easier. If my friend had simply put the pots in her car when she first remembered, she’d have cut a whole rigmarole out and made her life easier.

We can make life easier in so many ways, we just have to cut through all the rubbish and grey area in our lives and minds. The difficulty comes when we’re stressed and not quite thinking straight right? Well these 7 ways are the most straight-forward and clear-cut ways to make life easier when you’re stressed.

Say no

I know sometimes this feels hard, because we often don’t like to let people down, but by saying no we really are making life easier. We make it easier for ourselves and for the thing we’re saying no to, because we can keep our precious energy to ourselves. If we’ve said yes to too many things, we can’t focus well on the things that matter. After a while, life starts to feel hard because we have too much on our plate and we can’t juggle everything effectively. If we only say yes to the things we really want, we make life easier.


The other day I was walking my wee dog Nimbus, and I realized how easy my life actually is. I can get up and walk with ease. I have warm clothes I can wear. I’m fortunate enough to be able to eat whenever I want to. I have a laptop I can take anywhere with me to work on. I can walk outside into my garden whenever I like. When I stopped and noticed that most things in my life are actually pretty easy, it felt really good and this gratitude made all the difference. I don’t have a disability or injury that makes walking difficult. I’m not stuck in a cold house with no heating. I’m not far away from shops or without options for food and I’m fortunate enough to have a garden and a house.

When we stop and look at what’s good, we can find things in our life that are already nice and easy.

Look after the whole you

It can be hard to focus on everything when we’re stressed, so we usually cut something out. Maybe it’s with exercise, or meditation. Maybe we cut out seeing friends, or treating ourselves. All this does is make life a million times harder. If we can pause for a second to ensure we’re looking after our entire selves, we make life easier. Spend 5 minutes jogging on the spot. Paint our nails and moisturize our skin. Repeat a loving mantra whilst brushing our teeth. As soon as we drop one aspect of our whole self, mentally, physically or spiritually, we tend to feel like life is that much harder.

Invest in things that simplify your life

There are SO many ways to make life easier when it comes to technology. If you work online or have your own business, spend 20 minutes looking at automation software or bulk your work out. Buy 2 lots of every household item next time you shop so you’re never without toilet roll or toothpaste (and have to dash out after a long day of work to replace). Dye your eyebrows and eyelashes so you feel fresh in the morning without putting make-up on. Do yoga at home rather than at a studio and reduce the stress of travel. Have a little look through your life and think about all the little things you do daily and spend 5 minutes brainstorming ways to make life easier. I promise, it’ll make such a huge difference.

Don’t put it off, just do it.

Just like my friend up there, don’t put it off and just do it. I started doing this about 5 years ago. It suddenly occurred to me that I was making my life so much harder when it came to my daily things. I’d give myself another job to do by putting the dish on the counter and not straight in the dishwasher. I’d do the same for laundry, the bins, filing receipts and documents. When we do the small things straight away without thinking too much about it, we make our life easier. If my friend had simply put the pots in her car the first time, she’d have cut out 3 unnecessary steps. Think about how many times we do this for all different things – if we simplified immediately, our life would be so much easier.

Put a skeleton plan in place where you can

Plans and back-ups make life easier. If you have 21 recipes to go to (which maybe take around 1 hour to compile), we don’t have the agony of deciding what to eat each day or week. If we put a plan in place for exercise, we don’t have the stress of working out what we need to do each day or week. If we have a plan for when things don’t go right in our life in some way, we reduce the stress of ‘what if’ and again make life easier. How good!

It’s incredible how we accidentally make life harder for ourselves, when we think we’re making it easier. The millionaires of this world have learnt to streamline their lives for success (and now probably have the people and the budget to do it for them!), and these are 7 ways you can do the same. When our lives are easier, everything feels calmer, happier and generally better. And that’s what we all want, right?! So give these things a go and let’s make life easier.

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