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9 money mantras that actually work

Money mantras are incredibly powerful. They can help us to overcome any money blocks we have, give us a good relationship with money and therefore encourage more money to enter our lives. What we bring our attention to, begins to become more prominent in our lives. But it isn’t quite as simple as repeating meaningless phrases each morning, we have to look a little deeper to really find money mantras that actually work.

Time and time again I’ve seen women underestimate themselves. Put themselves down when it comes to charging and asking for money. I see women pass over jobs to someone they think is more qualified, because they’re scared they’ll undervalue themselves. I was once like this too. I thought I was greedy because I wanted more money, or that I was a failure because I wasn’t making enough. I was undercharging and overproviding and my boundaries were all mixed up.

But that shifted when I changed my relationship with money using money mantras that actually work. I was then able to help other women own their worth too. I showed them they deserve to be paid well for their skills and abilities. They deserve to live a full life and they’re capable of achieving what they want to achieve. And I’d love to show you too!

Do you have a block?

First things first. Do you have a money block? It’s likely you do, otherwise earning money would feel easy and second nature. I remember once when I was with my Dad and I was brand new to teaching. We were talking about my hourly rate for teaching yoga at a studio. I was so proud of myself for earning what I never thought I could earn for doing something I love, and for enjoying it too. I explained to him that all I had to do was inspire others by moving for an hour, and I got a healthy rate from it! It felt incredible because it came so easily to me.

He looked quizzically and replied by explaining to me how much I could really earn, and I deserved to earn, if I went out on my own. I felt so overwhelmed because I didn’t think I was capable, nor deserving of receiving more than the generous $40 I was being paid!

I was totally blocked when it came to money, and what I thought I had to do in order to earn more. I thought I’d have to have a massive loan behind me to start a business, more skills than I had, more connections, more confidence, more everything! It took me 5 years to get over these blocks to finally do it myself. And the pride, excitement and satisfaction is huge compared to that first moment.

If there’s something telling you that you’re not capable, or that you need to know more, do more and be more to earn more, you have a block and we’re here to move it.

How to notice and shift your blocks

This is the most powerful thing you can do. What we’ve grown up around and experienced has a massive affect on our perception around money. What we tell ourselves does too. In order to shift these blocks, we must first get aware of the words we tell ourselves. Spend the next couple of days jotting down every thought that comes into your head whenever money comes up. ‘I can’t afford that’, ‘I’m broke’, ‘that car is amazing, I bet her partner or Dad bought it for her’. Literally anything and everything that comes into your mind about money, write it down! It’s incredible how insightful this wee task is.

Next, have a look through and notice any patterns. Is there a pattern that’s making you think you don’t have enough? Or maybe that you’re not worthy? Maybe there’s something coming up that you have to be someone special to earn more. Whatever it is will help you to shape money mantras that actually work for you.

Money mantras to adopt and practice

It’s important that you give the task above a go, otherwise you’ll end up repeating mantras that feel a bit silly and pointless! How often have you tried mantras, only to feel like you’re repeating something for the sake of it and nothing’s happening…

Once you’ve worked out what your block is, you can play around with money mantras that work for you. Before repeating any, take a few moments to breathe, relax and visualise. See yourself in the exact position you want to be in, living the life you want to live, and allow a little smile to appear on your face.

Above all, remember that any change takes time, and the most powerful catalyst is making a change in your mind first.

Below are some examples based on what block might be coming up:

Feeling of lack

There is more than enough money in this world

My income exceeds my expenses

I am open to all possibilities

Feeling undeserving

I choose to live a full life

The universe supports my financial needs

Every dollar I spend and donate comes back to me multiplied

Feeling not enough

I deserve to be paid for my skills, time and knowledge

I am exactly where I need to be financially

This is what an expert looks, sounds and feels like

These are just a few examples to get your juices flowing, you can try a few and see how they go! Feel free to play and adapt them as you go, to find what helps you to feel an energy shift.

Take action

Once you’ve identified your blocks, played around with money mantras that actually work for you, begin to take action. Write out 3 small things you can do over the next week that will help you move towards your financial goals. Try out my free Abundance + Wealth Yoga class to motivate you and get your mind in gear to earn more. Download that here.

Or join my Leading Ladies in Yoga LIVE as we work towards reaching our financial, physical and mental goals together.

You are totally capable and deserve to earn everything you want – we just need to remind your mind you’re worthy.

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