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9 ways to look after yourself on a budget

It’s Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras tomorrow which is a day of indulgence before lent kicks off (if that’s something you fancy doing this year).

It got me thinking about how tricky it can be to kickstart a healthy routine and live healthily on a budget – buying fresh fruit and veg can be expensive, gym memberships can cost a lot, having the resources to plan and prepare can be challenging. It’s something I struggle with and I know a lot of us do.

BUT there are certain ways we can look after ourselves on a budget and I did some research on all the best ways for you! It’s just about getting creative and being open to play, and we can have that joyful energy, fit body and happy mind without spending hundreds.

Decide on your budget

First things first (I’m the realest… sorry I had to), decide on what your budget is. This is the first step on these ways to look after yourself on a budget.  Is your budget $20 a week? $100 a week? This is including food for yourself too, so you can be as lenient or strict as you like. My budget is around $60 a week which includes food, working out and self-care. Once you’ve got this down, it’ll help you to stay motivated and focused. Without it, and I’ve been here before, you can end up throwing money at things that don’t work and struggle with the lack of return it gives you. *Think annual memberships to meditation apps you use once, boot-camps you try for one week, diet books that sit on the shelf*.

Work out your goals + what you enjoy doing

Next, it’s best to identify what it means to look after yourself, and what you naturally enjoy doing. For me, I love the feeling I get after meditating, after working out, and after eating well. For you it might mean massages and facials, or regular yoga sessions. And if you have a particular goal in mind like learning to de-stress, wanting to tone up, or simply wanting to find a sense of relief, that will help guide you on these TK ways to look after yourself on a budget. It’s also important to work out what you actually enjoy doing. It’s uncomfortable to force yourself to cook healthy meals if you really don’t like cooking, and it’ll feel like a chore to go to the gym if that just doesn’t feel good to you. Have a little think about what actually makes you feel good, and it’ll help steer you towards a budget and routine that works.

9 ways to look after yourself on a budget

Now, the juicy bit! Once you’ve understood how you’d like to look after yourself and what your individual budget is, you can run through this list and choose what floats your boat! Remember to see this as a bit of play, some may work for you instantly, some may need a little tweaking but as one of my favourite inspirational quotes says ‘experience is the mother of all knowledge!’.

Find a gym deal: There are always offers on Groupon, GrabOne or any other deal website where you can try a gym out for a certain amount of time. This can often be enough to inspire you to do your own workouts, or kickstart some physical health.

Work out at home: You can chuck up a YouTube video, or throw on a free online session. There are loads of online memberships you can try for free, or for relatively cheap – my Yoga LIVE group is only $10 a month for 12 live sessions and a library of sessions available.

Buy fruit + veg that is in season: It’ll always be cheaper that way because it’s easier to produce!

Grow your vegetables at home: Whilst this might be a little cost to start with, if you have some garden area you can easily create a veggie patch. I have cucumbers, courgettes, tomatoes, capsicums and peppers growing at the moment!

Find deals for relaxation treats: Massages, facials and any kind of treatment are deliciously relaxing and necessary but often quite costly. If you keep your eye out online, there are always deals coming up.

Head to the library or get the Libby app: a new book can be lovely, but they aren’t the chepeast of things. Reuse and recycle at the wonderful library! Or if you’re more of a Kindle lover, try out the Libby app – an online library of free books!

Try out a charity shop: Buying used feels good because you’re supporting charity and reducing waste, and you’ll always feel satisfied with the find. If it’s in a charity shop, likelihood is it’s stood the test of time so the quality is good! I’ve found some incredible high-waisted trousers that became my regular wears, coats that lasted me years and jumpers that are unique!

Check out Facebook Market: There are loads of free or cheap things on there that people are giving away due to a move, or nowhere to put said item. We’ve got outdoor bean bags, full set of golf clubs, beds and clothes from there before, all in nearly new or great condition! There are heaps of exercise equipment and self-care goodies to be found there.

Create your own spa: Grab some epsom salts (less than $2 at most supermarkets), a nice candle, a face mask (either one made from honey and oats, or a sheet mask) and chill out in the bath whenever you feel like it!

There are of course more basic ways to look after yourself when you’re on a budget like drinking plenty of water, creating a routine for good quality sleep and heading outside regularly but I wanted to give you something even more practical that will help you feel satisfied. I do all of these things and they go a long way in helping me to feel nourished and cared for without breaking the bank.

What are you going to try and what do you already do?

If you love yoga, or want to give it a go, a really great way to look after yourself on a budget is to join me and my ladies in Yoga LIVE. We meet 3x a week, all in our own homes for $10 a month. We work through ways to love ourselves regularly, and we’re all growing together. It’s an affordable way to feel relief, happiness and get fit at the same time. Join us! Right now you can get 2 weeks free right here