I'm weird, awkward and struggle with my thoughts + energy, a lot.

When I was 26, my Dad died at the age of 52. I was here in NZ, my family were back in the UK. I sat on my bed and cried and thought to myself, ‘I can’t fly back to the UK, I can’t afford it, I can’t do this.’ I was instantly powerless. I’d lost my father, my sense of security and safety. I was saddened, and stressed and lost.

After an hour of lying in bed, I booked a flight to the UK and was telling work I’d need time off. I was calm. I was collected. And I felt a massive change in me.

I dug into my deepest self and was able to see clearly after pausing, breathing and reflecting. I’d spent much of my life living in a reactive state, not seeing clearly and constantly letting my emotions take over. This incredibly powerful news shook everything for me, and showed me I have all the resources I need within myself to rebuild, recuperate and to steadily handle anything.

I wouldn’t have managed so well in the coming months and years if I hadn’t spent so much time learning, absorbing and reflecting. And that’s all down to Yoga.  Keep reading below. 

short + sweet bits of me

I’m originally from Nottingham in the UK and moved over to NZ 4 years ago because I LOVED the place so much and met a cool lad called Reuben Elley. I do miss the pubs in the UK and my family lots, so it’s a little tricky.

I’m the biggest kid when it comes to Harry Potter. I have a dressing gown, a wand, slippers, journal, pen, necklace – you name it, I’ve probably got it. Everyone has their something, my fun childlike thing, is this!

When I need to refuel, I gather all the above. On a day to day basis I love being at home, it’s my safe space. But my inspiration, energy and buzz comes around any time friends and food are involved. Bonus if wine is involved!

I have a puppo called Nimbus (ahem Harry Potter) and a kitto called Toby and they’re starting to love each other after about 10 months of living together.

I feel A LOT calmer when the house is tidy and I’ve done a tiny bit of meditation. One of my favourite things to do is organise peoples drawers and cupboards 😂

From as early as I can remember, I was helping others. Guiding, leading and stressing over how others were feeling; constantly. I was asked to write for publications and spread my experience and knowledge, all whilst being worried that I’d say the wrong thing, or my words weren’t helpful enough or clear enough. I wanted to shift this feeling, so started studying. I’d already completed a Psychology degree, but needed to understand more. I studied Life Coaching, Meditation, Nutrition, Personal Training, Accounting, Management, CBT and of course, Yoga Teaching.

Everything started to make sense. I was understanding the stress, how it happened, why it happened. I had all the strategies I could ever need! But nothing changed. I was still stressed, I still overthought everything, I still doubted myself. It wasn’t until my Dad died, and I was suddenly able to see what was important and what wasn’t, that I truly understood.

I knew all the wellness strategies and stress management techniques, but I was overcomplicating everything. Handling challenges, big or small, come from keeping things simple. Breathing. Moving. Smiling. And this all became clear.

Stress at work from managing staff, and a not-so-understanding boss felt easier when I reflected on what was going on in my head and changed my mindset. Stress from talking with my frustrated Step-mum who couldn’t understand why things weren’t going her away in the wake of my Dads death, felt more manageable because I’d taken some time for myself in the morning to move and breathe. Stress from an increasing workload and new pressures when I decided to start my business, felt totally doable when I’d taken 5 minutes to look at how far I’d come and what I’d already achieved.


I’ve never felt more at home than teaching yoga, seeing all the relaxed and content faces after a session. Hearing how much of a difference I make in someone’s life, and how they’ve been able to smile a little bit more than before. Simply from moving and breathing. And keeping it simple.


I often still feel nervous before teaching, stressed when trying something new, and the self-doubt is always there. But before, I’d spend days worrying. Now, I’m able to drop it within 5 minutes. I show love to the bits of myself that don’t feel good to make space for the stuff that does.


It’s incredibly important for me to relax and calm down, so I have time to do the things I love. And one of my favourite things is to show you too. To show you it’s so easy. To show you it takes 5 minutes to reframe and quiet your noisy mind. 20 minutes to move and shake that anxious feeling in your chest. A split second to make a loving choice towards yourself so you can smile and laugh at the challenges.



And so that’s what I do.

ready for more time to enjoy yourself?


give yourself more freedom, more control and more self-respect in 20 minutes of me, you + yoga.