hey! i'm helen.

Things are about the get vulnerable here! Promise me you’ll tell me something about you when we meet, please? Ok, ta.

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I was loving life.

From early on, I knew that I enjoyed learning about and helping people because we interests me, so I chucked myself on 3 intensive years of a BSc in Psychology (which I thought was actually really bloody hard). Seven qualifications later (Yoga, Life Coaching, Fitness etc etc etc), I realised I was obsessed with learning. Sadly though, I had no-one to share this all with. so I started looking for ways I could help people.

helen sian india about me

Yoga is life.

I went travelling around the world and learnt a lot of cool things about myself and others but still something wasn’t clicking. My desire for wanting to help people and my search for trying to get healthy (without having to run), led me to yoga. I started with some YouTube tutorials and was practicing every day, (with the help of Instagram challenges) so decided to take the plunge and train to teach. This changed my entire world.

helen sian india about me

Work is life.

After teacher training, I started teaching in the UK, then met Reuben (my Kiwi, patient builder boyfriend) and moved to the other side of the world, because why not. I got some amazing gigs and started teaching Yoga around Wellington whilst personal training but STILL found that teaching people to be more physically comfortable wasn’t quite hating the mark. I moved down to Christchurch and landed myself an amazing corporate job where I got to coach people into their dream career. Within a year I was leading a team in Sales and Careers Coaching and I loved every minute of it. I was flying high with international recognition, I was looking at buying a house, I was earning over $100k a year! Everything seemed to be working out beautifully.

helen sian india about me

What is life.

And then my Dad died. Everything just got a little bit shit. Rather than feeling secure with a steady job, good future outlook and belief in myself, I felt in limbo with no direction and I hated it all. I was away from all my family and close friends and life just kept happening around me. I was healthy, my boyfriend and I bought a house, I was heading into regional management, my loving relationship was going well but nothing was right.

helen sian india about me

Changed life.

I wanted help, I wanted direction and I wanted guidance. I looked around for someone that could help and found that a Life Coach would be ideal - it seemed the answer to all my little problems. However, no matter how much I searched or how wide my search went, I found no-one under the age of 40. Someone that understood how horrible it is to compare yourself to everyone on social media, no-one who understood how difficult it is to understand health and fitness for millennials, no-one who was able to guide me through this turbulent part of my life with significant advice and essentially no-one I felt I could relate to.

helen sian india about me

This is life.

Insert Helen Sian India. I hadn’t known, but my life-long interest in self-help, in yoga, in fitness, in psychology and nutrition and EVERYTHING had built up a cool library of knowledge in my head that kept popping up when either I needed it or one of my friends or colleagues needed it. Now i’m still grieving, and every day is still tricky but i’m learning how to feel happy and sad at the same time and embrace whatever this thing called life is, so that I can help you with all the hurdles you come across.
I now feel a strong pull to make wellness accessible to those who need it. We all struggle with stressors of some sort, anxiety, worry, overthinking, doubt. And i'm here to help you make small changes to manage those issues.

So whether you're wanting to feel better in your own skin, calm your overthinking mind or create a better space for your family - I'm here to make that happen for you.


I’m here to help you create the life you’ve always longed for.

Why me? Because I understand your journey. Not too long ago, I was struggling to find my path, overwhelmed by stress and feelings that I was not good enough. But I made small, intentional changes, and bit by bit I created the life of my dreams.

Now I’m here to help you.

I know you’re intelligent, and you’re not willing to waste your time and money. So why should you trust me? I’ve got the training, skills and experience to help ambitious women tackle their toughest goals. My qualifications include:

• BSc Psychology • Life Coaching + CBT • Nutrition • Meditation • RYT200 Yoga Teacher • REPs Personal Trainer • Personnel Management • Business

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