Hate making decision? This 1 trick will change everything

Hate making decision? This 1 trick will change everything

We all know that feeling. Stuck, totally overwhelmed and completely debilitating when we can’t decide what is right for us. We’re frozen and we don’t know which direction to take.

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It’s frustrating, irritating and completely manageable. If you want to feel 100% sure of which direction to take and what choice to make, then keep reading because the answer to easy decision-making is pretty straight forward…
Whether you’re deciding on whether or not to make a career change, end a relationship or maybe even your next holiday location… you are bombarded with a million different things to consider. It can feel very difficult to make decisions when we focus on the end result and not the journey it takes to get there.

I was chatting to my friend the other day and she mentioned how difficult it is to get herself into exercise. Firstly, there’s the decision to commit to working out. And then she has to decide when to go, what to wear, how to get to the gym, what music she’ll listen to, what exercises she’s going to do and suddenly it all becomes a big problem and the end goal is never actually achieved. And then there’s the challenge of deciding whether she actually wants to go to the gym or whether she wants to go to a workout class. Decision making overload! We allow these little decisions to take over and paralyze us but the solution is simple. Firstly, remember this when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of change.

  1. Break it down into smaller parts
  2. Create a pros and cons table

Start small
When you’re deciding to do something new, remember to take it slow. 1% changes over time become habits and become effortless. Easy decision making comes from doing little bits at a time. Let’s say you wanted to start doing yoga but your mind starts wandering to all the walls you’ll hit. You don’t know what to wear, you’re concerned about not being flexible enough, you don’t have a mat, you don’t know where you’ll practice, you don’t know where you’ll find a class, you don’t know how long to practice for… all of these things are excuses for you not enjoying and embracing life! Take it slowly, start with deciding on what to wear.

You can even break that down even more if that feels too much, decide first on what leggings to wear and build the outfit around that (or get naked and be free and crazy). Get the outfit ready for when you want to practice, google an online class or a physical class or to make life even easier, sign up to a yoga site or membership so you have all the classes at your fingertips without really having to search. Put together your plan in little bits and the overwhelm will diminish, I promise.

Pros and cons
This is what you need if you’re deciding between two things. I did this when I was deciding on leaving my safe 9-5 job for a risky but fulfilling move into entrepreneurship. I created a pros and cons table. Pros and cons at the top, leaving job and staying at job down the side. After filling it in, it was clear to me that the pros for leaving the job far outweighed the ‘safe’ salary (is any steady job really safe anyway? The company could have failed and I’d be out of a job anyway…). Can’t decide between going out and staying in? Create a pros and cons list! Can’t decide between McDonalds and Burger King?! Create a pros and cons list! It’s so simple but so so effective.

Most days I struggle with deciding what to do, so to reduce extra unnecessary stress I have a Sweet Spot Cheat Sheet for easy decision making and my god it helps. If you’re wanting to streamline your life to make more time for yourself, reduce that anxiety and stress in your body and get out of that stuck overwhelming feeling then download the Cheat Sheet and finally feel that stress lift as clarity shines it’s way through!

You got this. World, here you come.

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