How to enjoy the season of your life, even when it’s falling down around you

How to enjoy the season of your life, even when it’s falling down around you

We all go through phases. Seasons. Difficult and beautiful times of our life. Some are challenging, and some are easy. There are lessons to be learnt, even when we feel the whole world is falling down around us.

Each day we show up fully, embracing the good and the bad, we’re winning. I know it’s hard sometimes! And I’m not here to tell you it’s easy to get over certain things, but I am here to show you how to make it a little easier on yourself.
The way we’re going to do it is with a small lesson and a yoga pose to match with it. Affirming the lesson with movement helps the brain to learn it and apply it. Some may be more challenging than others, but I encourage you to give them a go. Every small step in the right direction makes you more and more powerful.
We’re going to split up different phases as life into each season. There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ seasons, they’re all just part of us. Remember the movie Inside Out? (If you haven’t watched it, please give it a go if you want to light-heartedly learn about yourself). Joy, fear, disgust, anger and sadness – they’re all beautiful facets of ourselves, all just as important as each other and all teaching us something new about life. Let’s nurture each with the same amount of love and draw lessons from each, right here, right now.

So whether you’re struggling with something or absolutely LOVING the season you’re in, let’s get moving and doing to really make the most of it.

Autumn Fear (strength)
In this article, we’re treating Autumn as ‘fear’. Something in our life is scaring us, holding us back and restricting what we do. Whether it be fear of failing, fear of not being enough or fear of not being loved. Let’s lean into that and identify that fear is false. It is not based on truth and it’s there to keep us in our comfort zone (it’s safe there, so our ego likes to flick the fear switch whenever we do something challenging). To get over fear, a sure-fire way of shaking it is to move into action! Strengthen the doing muscles and get doing!
So with that, we’re going with a beautiful all over body strength posture. Whatever level you’re at, try each one, hold for 5 breaths and practice it. Each day, make the intention to drop the fear and replace it with strength, physically and mentally.
1: Plank on knees
2018 04 09 01.46.00 2
2: Full plank
2018 04 09 01.45.59 1
3: Chaturanga
2018 04 09 01.45.59 2

Winter Stress, challenges (surrender)
Beautiful, crisp and frosty is the winter season – right now it represents stress and challenges. Life is showing us something that keeps us in a stressed state. Stress is great! It motivates us, keeps us moving and acting but only if we allow it to. For most of us, it stops us. It changes our day from a positive one to a negative one. Let’s love the stress because it highlights something we can heal, it’s drawing our attention to it so embrace it. The season of healing.
When we’re stressed, the best thing to do is surrender. What lesson is coming up? What is your intuition telling you? What needs to change in order to reduce this stress? Is it something internal or external? To allow that intuition to shine, let’s let go.
1: Childs pose
2018 04 09 01.46.04 1
2: Cross-legged forward fold
2018 04 09 01.46.04 2
3: Savasana (completely flop legs and arms)
2018 04 09 02.32.36 1

Spring New (let things in)
Ah! Spring! The season of lambs and new life and flowers! Sometimes new can feel good, sometimes new can feel scary. We have the option to view it how we like it. A new situation, experience or person can bring so many amazing things. So let’s let them in! Allow for all the lessons, people and adventures to flow in.
By opening up, we draw in all the goodness and let out all the stagnation that is no longer serving us. So let’s stay open and receptive to fantastic opportunities coming our way.
1: Joyful sukhasana
2018 04 09 01.46.03 2
2: Joyful tree
2018 04 09 02.32.35 1
3: Joyful warrior
2018 04 09 02.32.37 1

Summer Love (flow)
Summer, the season of love. Love usually means warm, fuzzy feelings. It might also mean the end of love and heartbreak. Whatever season you’re in here, let’s let life flow. Staying stuck in emotions and keeping them held in your heart can prevent you from experiencing the beauty around you. And at the same time, not stopping and appreciating the amazing life around you can restrict all the goodness you can squeeze out of every experience! So we’re going to floooow.
Flow through the emotions, flow through the experience, lift your feet up and gently float down the lazy river. For these, check out instagram this week 🙂
1: Seated sequence 2: Sun salutation A 3: Warrior sequence

I’ve been through each and every one of the seasons, some all at once – heck most of the time they’re all at once! And it’s taken me a good long time to stop and appreciate each as a beautiful opportunity. They’re all part of us, and they all need to be nurtured and loved equally. So whatever season of life you’re in, use these guides as a way to embrace and move through each season to fully embrace your fabulousness.

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