4 Ways to Quickly Find Balance in Life

4 Ways to Quickly Find Balance in Life

Short + sweet post today, because I’m sure you have a lot on your plate and hey – it’s all about how to quickly find balance in life right!

And for Teachers Day on the 5th October, I want to explain why it’s so important that we recognise we can be teachers and students, experts and learners, lovers and haters.

I’ve been struggling a lot to find balance in life. Since learning about wellness, business, death and life I’ve been questioning things a lot. If I want to welcome more love into my life, I should let go of hate, right? I want to be an expert, so should I drop the vulnerable self-doubting voice inside? And if I want to teach others, I should stop seeing myself as a student or my confidence will waiver, right? Wrong. So so wrong, Helen. Anyone else get that too? It’s all about balance. Hate is fine. Learning is necessary. Being a student is empowering.

I totally understand that life is easier when we love more, when we embrace our power and allow ourselves to be confident. But in order to live in this chaotic and very up and down world, it’s a lot more manageable to be real. How to quickly find balance in life is all about accepting that we are allowed to hate things sometimes, we are allowed to not know something that we think we’re expert in and we’re allowed to be taught by someone who is doing the exact same thing as us – it’s all about how to find balance in life!

So, in response to keeping it real and rather than forcing ourselves to be perfect and amazing and in love with everything all the time – I have a quick list of ways we can quickly find balance in life in as little as 5 minutes. Heck knows I need this so I’ll be re-reading this later and applying it all 😉

1. Cut back. That thing you don’t want to do? Don’t do it today. Don’t want to mow the lawn? Brush your teeth? Tidy everything? Exercise? Don’t worry about it. You can do it tomorrow. Balance the need to do everything perfectly all the time with doing something badly, the rebel in you will love it.

2. Have some alone time. Or don’t. If you spend heaps of your time around other people, spend some time by yourself. Or if you’re always by yourself, spend some time with people. Easy peasy.

3. That thing called nature? Go there. Or that thing called a building? Go there! If you’re always inside, get yourself out into the rays of sun (even if they’re not shining today, they’re behind the clouds and your skin knows it). And if you’re always outside, get cosy and warm and snuggly inside. Balance it out, friend.

4. Why so serious? Get laughing! Life is so serious, all the time. The news, the death, the tragedies. In some cultures they celebrate death for a week, others reflect positively on someone else’s mistake and they hug them for it. Why do we get ourselves so bogged down with these things? Find a TV series that makes you laugh, subscribe to a joke a day email or find a calendar with funny things on it. Sometimes even motivational and inspirational things can get too much, but a joke is always necessary. I watch Modern Family every day. I know it’s stupidly simple, but not everything has to be hard.

See balance as two different colours, two different characters, two different songs – whatever works for you. Are you spending too much time in blue rather than yellow? With Mario rather than Luigi? With All By Myself rather than Don’t Worry, Be Happy? Monitor that, and switch it around. For me, I spend too much time worrying than enjoying and too much time in the future than in the present. And definitely too much time overthinking than just being. So imma balance that 😉

Are you going to too?

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