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All levels. You’ll mainly find beginner to intermediate but at times there may be some advanced stuff! In each session, I give an option for each so whatever level you feel you’re at, you can either challenge yourself or chill out.

At the moment they’re (all NZT)  Tues 7:50am , Weds 5:50pm and Thursday 11:50am. If you happen to miss one or can’t make it at the time, a replay will always be available. 

Of course you can! For anything you need, I offer personal 1:1 sessions (more info on WORK WITH ME page). If you have a quick question you’re always welcome to email me at [email protected] or post in the group.

Of course! Every live session will be posted in the group, so if you can’t make it live there will always be a replay option – you can even search a specific type of class in the group to find exactly what you’re after.

Absolutely! The group is welcome to all.

Not at all! All you can see is the number of people live and myself, teaching 🙂

Absolutely! Most sessions are relatively gentle, and we have a pregnancy guideline document for you to check out when you join.

And if you jump on live I can give direct modifications!