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cycle syncing: I hacked my cycle to boost productivity and happiness

This is a game changer. Cycle syncing is incredible and I recommend it to every woman. If sometimes you ask yourself, why am I feeling this way? Last week I felt amazing, and now I can’t focus on one thing?! It’s definitely worth looking at your cycle and making it work for you instead of against you. The result of not cycle syncing could be more detrimental than you think…

So what is cycle syncing?

In the easiest terms I can explain, it’s the combination of awareness of your hormones throughout your cycle, the knowledge of the typical thoughts and emotions you typically experience during these times and the application of this information in your schedule! That was a lot to take in, I know… So I’ll use my experience to make it more digestible.

Throughout my month in business I would have a focus each week. I would create all my social media content the first week, business outreach the next, finances and admin the third and networking etc the fourth. However, each time the business outreach week would come around I would get the worst anxiety ever. And during the social media week all I wanted to do was stay at home. When it came to finances week, I seemed to have pep and excitement and all I wanted to do was create! It took me a long time to realise I was pushing against the natural rhythm of my body and not utilizing it. What it meant though is I started to dislike my business and my energy was constantly drained. I was pushing so hard against myself because I wasn’t stopping and listening.

Why is cycle syncing so powerful?

Cycle syncing gives you the ability to understand yourself and your emotions whilst giving you the power to harness your full potential. This is incredibly powerful if you’re lucky enough to have your own business and you have the flexibility to play with your schedule. It’s also incredibly powerful for those of us who feel emotions deeply and quite often doubt ourselves. As soon as we have awareness of our emotions, we take the blame off ourselves a little.

Not long ago, I was criticizing myself for being so damn nervous before a workshop when last week I had the confidence of Beyonce. I spent the whole day thinking about it, and just before the session I was breathing heavily and trying to calm myself down. Why was I feeling this way? I kept asking myself. What has happened, and what’s wrong with me? I kept putting myself down thinking I’ve done something wrong and that I was always going to be this way! Every workshop I’d done up until that point I’d been calm and even excited about! Flash forward to a month later when I’d discovered cycle syncing and I was able to understand it was only my hormones. I was in my ‘subdued’ period which meant it was best for me to stick to comfortable, safe things because my body was preparing to nestle. Had I known this I would have been far more forgiving and loving towards myself.

In two ways it’s an incredible tool. It allows us to use our abilities to the maximum whilst giving us a better and more understanding sense of self.

How to make the most of cycle syncing

There are quite a few resources you can use when it comes to cycle syncing. My favourite is My Hormonology but you can find other resources online (although, it’s a growing topic so I’m sure in a year there’ll be more…). You can find there a general overview of what you can expect from your cycle.

Another, slightly more lengthy alternative is to keep a journal yourself. For 4 weeks, note how you feel at the end of each day. You can do this either in sentences or a few words or phrases. I did this on and off over a period of 6 months and found a rather showing trend… between the 9th and 13th of each month I would write about how much I was struggling and hating life! As soon as I looked back over my other entries, I laughed. I saw that life wasn’t in fact that bad. I was simply succumbing to my hormones and letting them rule my thoughts.

Whichever way you choose, stick at it with an open mind. You may find you’re not exactly like the hormonal cycle stated in Hormone Horoscope so the journaling is more accurate. Likewise, you may find a better understanding when looking outside of yourself at another more factual resource. You can also check out this wee summary I made that helped dictate my work schedule:

You can also check out this wee summary I made that helped dictate my work schedule:

Week 1 of cycle (My Social Media Creation week)

  • Increase in mood, energy, ambition and hopefulness
  • More motivated
  • Good week for building muscle

Week 2 of cycle (My Business Outreach week)

  • Can think faster with less judgement
  • Good brain energy
  • Good confidence, more persuasive, friendlier, funnier and chattier

Week 3 of cycle (My Finances and Review week)

  • Better for focus on smaller details
  • Sedating hormones produced
  • Better to stick to fewer tasks

Week 4 of cycle (My Social Media Writing week)

  • Better for arty and creative tasks
  • More straight-forward assertiveness

Before I themed each week, I was forcing my business outreach week (which requires HEAPS of confidence, energy and faith) into week 3 of my cycle. All that meant is I was feeling low in energy and confidence which led to doubting and self-limiting thoughts. When it came round to the finances week in my original schedule, I was full of confidence and beans yet had no tasks that harnessed that!

I’ve been trying this out for a month now and it has made an incredible difference. Not only do I enjoy the tasks in each week of the month a lot more, I’m able to show myself more compassion when things don’t feel as easy. On the tougher weeks, make sure to nourish yourself with the right foods, meditations and exercise to keep things running smoothly.

If you find yourself feeling doubt, fear, anxiety and stress a whole lot – it’s totally worth giving this a go. Sync your cycle to your life and become a more powerful, confident and understanding woman! Woo!

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