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grounding yourself: anxiety + the power of earth

Feeling grounded is an interesting thing. We know we’re off if we’re feeling a bit imbalanced, a bit distracted, lost, and overwhelmed by the world and it’s happenings. It can be very easy to feel this way when the world gets too much. Fortunately, it can be quite simple to bring ourselves back. It’s International Mother Earth Day on the 22nd April, which is an incredible opportunity to ground ourselves and remind ourselves of the beautiful power of the earth. So if you’re in need of grounding yourself because anxiety is too much, keep reading.

Grounding yourself: anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety a lot, grounding yourself can make a huge difference to calming yourself down. When we’re ungrounded, we typically feel affected by external things. We overthink, we might gossip about other people, we might be jealous and want to possess material things, we might feel obsessed with our personal image. When our focus is on these areas, we then suffer internally from it. Being ungrounded affects our sleep, causes fatigue and disrupts our blood circulation. It can even cause inflammation and pain in our bodies if we’re ungrounded for extended periods of time.

It’s a difficult place to live in, but can be changed very quickly with the strategies below and very effectively over time when we do them often.

Grounding yourself: the power of the earth

The power comes from experiencing grounding itself, but there are several proven positive physical effects of grounding yourself! You can expect better mood, improved blood flow, reduced stress and anxiety, improved immune response and reduced inflammation! All the good stuff! Just think, these simple tactics can get you feeling like you again.

How to ground yourself with yourself!

We typically feel imbalanced when we’re not in-tune with our bodies, so taking 5 minutes to connect our lovely minds to our fabulous bodies will make that switch.

Settle into your breath

Observe your breath as it comes in through your nose, into your lungs and back out of your mouth. Try to follow the natural rhythm of it for a few breaths.

Focus on your feet

Bring your awareness to the bottom of your feet on the floor. Notice the pressure, the weight, the feelings.

Hand on your head

This is really simple – pop your hand on top of your head and rest it there! Notice the pressure, the connection of your hand and head and the cycle it makes.

How to ground yourself with Mother Earth

Connecting our physical self to the world outside is an incredible way to feel grounded. Doing this once a day or a few times a week helps to re-connect us to the calm nature of the world.

Connect your feet

Head outside and stand! Simply to ground yourself, place your bare feet on the soil, grass or earth and breathe.

Do yoga outside

Without a mat, practice outside. The calming nature of yoga alongside the connection to the earth helps to settle anxiety and re-ground yourself.

Earth meditation

Sit for a moment and imagine roots, a beam of light or a chord of energy travelling or growing from the top of your head, down your body and into the floor, through all the layers of earth to the molten core. Imagine being connected to the energy and enjoy.

It’s so incredibly powerful to bring yourself back to earth again when the world starts to feel a little uncertain. These are tried and tested ways of grounding yourself anxiety gets to much.

Look after yourself by grounding yourself.

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