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hate meditating? get excited for 2019 with this unique meditation

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed and exhausted thinking about the year to come. About what’s going to happen, the anxiety over everything you want it to be and how you’re going to make it into an amazing year. What’s absolutely fabulous though, is we can all make 2018 stress-free.

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We all feel trepidation, fear and uncertainty – it’s a human thing to experience. The difference though between the people who feel the stress more and those who feel calm in these experiences are those that attach themselves to the emotions. We all need to remember, they are just emotions. They are just thoughts. They are not a rulebook, they are not set in stone and they are not a step-by-step guide of what is going to happen. All they are, are indications of how we’re experiencing the world at this time.

Ask yourself now, how would you like to feel about 2018? What would you like to achieve within yourself and your career? What would you like 2018 to bring to you?

For me, it’s a sense of calm. It’s clarity over my purpose. It’s the ability to feel in sync with my body. I want 2018 to be a year of learning and growing and I want it to provide me a space to help others learn and grow too. I want 2018 to be a stress-free year.

The great thing is, we can completely and utterly create a 2018 that we want. If you haven’t already done the calendar challenge, I encourage you to give it a go (it let’s you imagine a year of your dreams and shapes it into reality.)
Start with that and then give this meditation a go. You are totally capable and worthy of feeling excited for the year to come, and learn to let stress slide off your back. You are totally capable and worthy of letting go of those emotions that just don’t feel good any more (you know the ones – anxiety, overwhelm, guilt, self-doubt, the list goes on), because in just the same way as you can feel those emotions, you can feel the joy, excitement and complete confidence in yourself that you’re meant to feel.

If you’re new to meditation, tried it before and you just can’t concentrate or for any other reason that meditation doesn’t feel right for you – this is different. Meditation isn’t always about sitting and humming and listening to your breath, it’s about learning to listen to the positive thoughts and detaching from the negative thoughts. It’s about using your brain to your advantage and growing your strengths rather than focusing on what you haven’t learnt yet. It’s about learning how to love life and 2018 and sticking your middle finger up to your old habits and negative thinking! We can do this! And it’s going to be great.

My advice to you if you feel a little weird about meditation is to try something else. Plug your headphones in and go for a walk. Lie in bed and listen to the meditation. Remember that it is only 5 minutes and to have patience with yourself – if your mind wanders (as it will), bring your awareness back to how your body feels where it is (your feet on the floor, your body on your bed), and back to how your breathing sounds and feels. You have complete control over your awareness and thoughts (even if it gets distracted every 3 seconds), you have the ability to bring it back to focus on what you want and how amazing is that?!

So! Let’s get to it. Let’s meditate on feeling amazing. Let’s meditate on feeling excited, let’s meditate on making 2018 the best year YET! I’m going to be doing it, are you going to join me?

You can find the recording here, just download it and you’re on your way

And if you’re like me and you love reading first, then below is a copy of the words. Give it a read, listen to the recording at any point in the day and let’s make 2018 amazing.

Try this every day for 5-7 days. Morning is a lovely time to do it, but it’s really up to you when it works with your lifestyle! One thing I know for sure though, is keep giving it a go. Each time you do it, you’ll notice something else open up for you.
Bring on 2018! We got this!!

Meditation recording

This meditation is all about cultivating a feeling that empowers you. A feeling that helps you grow. A feeling that brightens you so you can show up as your best self, always.

Pop yourself into a comfortable position, whether you like to sit up, lie down, walk around – just find what feels best for you.

Take a nice big breath in through your nose and fill your belly up with air draw your shoulders up to your ears, push your belly button away to let more air rush in. Now exhale and sigh it all out your mouth, draw your belly button back in and draw your shoulders all the way down. Do this 3 times with me.

Fabulous. Now think about a feeling you’d like to cultivate. Is it hope? Calm? Maybe you want to feel more confident or loved. Take another deep breath in and feel space opening in your lungs and your body, allowing for that emotion to rush in. Let a gentle smile show up on your face.

Imagine a small ball of light hovering over your feet, it can be whatever colour you like. Feel warmth coming off it and let it warm your feet. As you inhale, repeat in your mind ‘I am capable’ and as you exhale repeat ‘I am strong’.

Let the small ball of light move up towards your knees and warm all the lower part of your legs. Inhale and repeat ‘I am loved’, exhale ‘I am calm’.

Feel the light move up towards your thighs and allow it to warm your entire leg, the warmth relaxes all the muscles in your lower body. Inhale and repeat, this time a little firmer ‘I am capable’, exhale ‘I am strong’.

The small ball moves up and glows around your lower belly and hands. Inhale ‘I am loved’, exhale ‘I am calm’. Keep that little smile on your face as the small ball moves up and lights up your ribcage and lower arm, inhale and let your ribcage expand to either side as you inhale ‘I am capable’, exhale ‘I am strong’.

The little ball floats up around your chest and shoulders, using it’s warmth to relax your muscles and your mind. Inhale and firmly with love repeat ‘I am loved’, exhale ‘I am calm’.

Gently allow the little ball of light to float up and over your head and face, illuminating and caressing the top of you, warming up your smile. Inhale and repeat ‘I am excited for what this year has to offer me’, exhale ‘I allow myself to enjoy every minute’, inhale ‘I am excited for what this year has to offer me’, exhale ‘I allow myself to enjoy every minute’.

The little ball, shining brighter than it was before, moves to rest just at the top of your head. Shining it’s light over your entire body. Smile to yourself as you inhale and repeat ‘I got this’, exhale ‘I have got this’.

Stay here for a few moments longer, taking yourself back to normal breath.

When you’re ready, blink your eyes open.

Feel free to write down your thoughts and feelings and anything that came up for you and allow yourself to feel the excitement and serenity 2018 is going to bring you.

You got this.

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