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how inbox zero changed my life + how it can change yours

Ever heard of it? Inbox zero? I’ve managed it for around 2 months now and it’s life changing. It’s for business owners, career-driven ladies, yoga teachers, life coaches, artists – everyone who wants a bit more peace and harmony in their life!

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If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed when you get a new email, anxious when your phone notification goes off, or generally feeling stressed every time you look at your phone or inbox then this is something you really need to read. Inbox zero helped me to feel more productive, gain more mental clarity and gain control over my workload and to-do list.

You might be asking, ‘what even is inbox zero?!’ (I did when I first heard about it). It means you have zero emails in your inbox. Nothing. Nada. No more clicking and leaving the email lurking in the inbox, no more keeping an email there just in case you need it in the future, no more saving an email just because you might need the contact again. Because let’s face it, you won’t read that blog that’s been hovering in your inbox for the last 2 weeks, you won’t need that contact again without having to search their name any way and it’s likely you’ll never find that random email with that cool mantra in without having to scroll through mounds of unread emails – right?! Inbox zero is very simple, you either delete, move, respond, do or defer. Let’s stop using our inbox as a to-do list and as a messaging service and start taking action that clears our minds and our lives. Do you keep every letter that comes through your mailbox? Do you leave all your newsletters and flyers in one big pile? (I hope not for your sanity…) so why do it to your inbox?

We’ll run over how to get to inbox zero very shortly, but firstly I want to let you know how it helped me and my clients. Every time I look at my inbox, I feel powerful, there’s clarity and I’m in control of what I need to do. Before, I felt a little big of guilt over not looking at that email I knew would help me one day, I felt nostalgic over my mum sending me an email of my dog, I felt stressed over the 5 emails I needed to respond to but couldn’t find under the mound of all the other unnecessary emails flooding my inbox every day! Now, I take action on my emails about 3 times a day and that’s it (I may check them more often for anything urgent and clear anything that doesn’t serve me).

If I can respond easily within around 2-3 minutes, I’ll do that. If I need to take action on something for another day, I’ll move it into the corresponding folder and make a note for myself on my to-do list (where to-do actions are meant to live) or I’ll delete it. Simple. And my god it feels good!

I totally encourage you to do the same, all you need is a little of your time and a few rules and you’re following the path to peace and harmony.
Delete: Are you going to read it right now? Are you going to use it right now? Is it just junk? Delete it.
Respond: If you can respond to it within 2-3 minutes, do that and then either delete or move it into a corresponding folder.
Move: Can you not respond to it within 2-3 minutes? Is it a job for another day? Have you responded to it and now need it for future correspondence? Move it.
Do: Is there something you need to do within the email? Check something? GST returns? Find something for a client? Do it! Or move it to a folder and put it on your to-do list.

And that’s it! In order to get to inbox zero, there are a few things I did that didn’t mean painstakingly trawling through each and every email. I created folders to hold my lovely important emails (clients, website, marketing, yoga studio). I then searched for every email I wanted to keep (i.e. in the search box ‘Dad’ and ‘Paul’ because it’s important for me to keep them, or ‘tax’ and ‘finances’ for official documents.) and moved them into the corresponding folders. I moved my most recent emails into folders and sifted through to delete the useless ones (I did 4 months back, because that’s when I started my business but you can choose any amount of time). Anything over 6 months is likely to be outdated and useless if you haven’t already done anything with it.

Voila! You’re done. Peace. Calm. Harmony when you look at your pc and phone. And my advice is to keep your email doing limited to 3 times a day. Morning, afternoon and at the end of the work day. I leave myself 30 minutes to get this done, and I love it! Will you be trying inbox zero?