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how to beat anxiety, naturally

You can do this. Anxiety is something that can totally disable us, but can absolutely be managed naturally. It might feel completely debilitating at times, but our sensitivity to the world and ourselves can actually be a beautiful thing that allows us to make the most of our lives! You’re here because you’re wanting to know how to beat anxiety, and how to do it without adding extra things into our bodies, and this guide will get you there. Let’s do it!

How to beat anxiety, naturally

When you’re in the throes of anxiety, it can feel hard to ever see the light. There are so many things thrown your way that the overwhelm feels impossible to break down, right? Everything feels like a challenge and you’re left wondering whether you’ll ever learn how to beat anxiety. But the fact you’re here, reading this, is evidence enough to show you will. You already have the self-awareness, the courage and the willpower to change your circumstances and that is something to be incredibly proud of. Believe me.

Now, whenever we’re wanting to make a change in ourselves we must first have a little patience. Knowing how to beat anxiety first comes with having an open mind, a will to play a little and try new things and the patience to know these things take time. I know it can often feel frustrating when we don’t see change instantly, but you will feel that click, that light-bulb moment, that ahhh sense of relief plenty of times, that will make the effort totally worth while.

Your pick and mix of natural ways to beat anxiety

I’ve had anxiety for my whole life. At times it’s been stronger than others, and for half of my life, I struggled without really knowing what was wrong. It was only after studying psychology, yoga and wellness that I was able to see where my challenges lay and I was then able to learn how to beat anxiety. The extent of your anxiety is for you to understand and make sense of, and at times medication might be necessary to bring a bit of clarity into your life. But these strategies are tried and tested, and with that patience mentioned earlier, you will learn how to beat anxiety. All you have to do is pick and choose! Have a read over the options, pick a couple you think you’d like to try and give them a go for a few weeks.

Keep in mind that it is the daily practice that really shows results. Whether it be a small effort, or a big one each day, they all play a huge part in how to beat anxiety. So pick away, my friend, and aim to show up for yourself daily! Then, magical will happen naturally.


Having a structure and routine in your day can help to calm the feeling of uncertainty and overwhelm. If we create a procedure around things, we know where to turn when things start to feel imbalanced. Learning how to beat anxiety naturally, starts here.

Start your morning right, and you’re already in good stead on learning how to beat anxiety naturally. Try and focus on a way you’d like to feel. Would you like to feel calm today? Confident? At peace with yourself? You might not believe it, but by saying it and bringing it to focus, you’re prepping your mind to naturally find it within your day. You can find 4 other ways to boost your morning and start it well here.

You can also put a basic plan in place so that when you do start to feel particularly stressed and anxious, you can reach for this plan within an instant. It might start with breathing and then talking to someone. Or it might involve going for a walk and then journaling. Creating a plan when you’re stressed and having it close to hand plays a huge part in how to beat anxiety. Create a beautiful space in your home to meditate and practice yoga and you’ll always feel more inclined to slow down. And when you’re feeling super stressed next, have a read of this article on 7 ways to make your life easier when you’re stressed. It’ll help to bring some clarity.

I know though that it can sometimes feel tricky to implement a plan or a routine because of your already busy schedule, but there are so many ways you can beat anxiety naturally in just 5 minutes. These tips for new mums are fabulous tools when you’re short on time. Make it a plan to move as often as you can in the day, even if you’re stretching as you’re sitting. Laugh whenever possible at a video online, or have a chat with a friend and ask them to share about their day. A small effort like this each day can go a long way in how to beat anxiety naturally.

Remember as well self-care isn’t always having a bath, getting a massage and drinking a glass of wine. This perception of self-care can actually be really detrimental because it undermines the act of taking care of yourself. You don’t need to spend 100’s of dollars on yourself to feel better. There are so many free ways you can learn how to beat anxiety naturally and build it into your routine with ease like going for a walk, reading a book (from the library or online), or you can journal or hug a friend. These are all incredible ways of learning how to beat anxiety. The more you can build these into your daily routine, the calmer and more in-control you’ll feel. If you are on a massive budget and you’re needing some inspiration on how to treat yourself ever-so-often, have a little read of this article on how to look after yourself on a budget!

Decide now on a simple and easy structure to your day. It could be as easy as taking three breaths in the morning and three breaths at night. You might want to get more involved and schedule different themed breaks throughout your day where you walk for one, then next do something creative and finish off with talking to a friend. Learning how to beat anxiety naturally starts with a solid structure, so create a routine you like the sound of and give it a go.

helen sian india meditating to learn how to beat anxiety naturally


Have you tried meditation before? A lot of us become frustrated at least once on our meditation journeys! Whether it was the first time you sat down to meditate (which put you off it forever) or on occasion when you’re particularly stressed, there will always be an element of restlessness. But on the odd occasion, a lightbulb will click on and another door on how to beat anxiety naturally will open. It’s these moments that make it worth it and last a lifetime.

There are so many different ways to meditate, you’re bound to find one that fits! I started off with visualization, then I explored mala beads and walking meditation, I then got into mindfulness and after 7 years of meditating, I’m now only just about comfortable with breathing meditations. It takes a lot of patience and teasing your brain back from distraction to sit and focus on breathing, believe me! If you’d like to explore different types of meditation, from the basic to the advanced, start here. It’ll give you the basics and is a great place to start when learning how to beat anxiety naturally. There are also loads of meditation apps you can try – I’ve reviewed a lot of the most popular ones right here so you can find what will work straight away.

Finally, try and build it into your schedule like we chatted about just above. Building your meditation habit goes a long in how to beat anxiety naturally, and will make your process easier. Give yourself the best possible chance by setting a time of day to meditate, creating a reminder for yourself, rewarding yourself and trying a few more of these meditation habits here.

Affirmations + mantras

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but learning how to beat anxiety is helped massively by creating a focus on something you choose and steering it away from what makes you feel hopeless. Affirmations and mantras are incredible ways of learning how to beat anxiety. Start a daily challenge to repeat a new affirmation each day and start to re-frame your morning thoughts (you can give this a challenge a go if you fancy). Or if you’re feeling super stressed, try affirmations like this. They’re all organised to target the main stress instigators…


Another way anxiety can bring us down is in our self-talk. We typically believe everything we think and feel is true and factual when in actual fact they’re only our perception of the world. And often, when we’re in the deep blue of anxiety, they can become warped very easily.

One way of learning how to beat anxiety naturally, is to alter our self-talk. We can be our own worst enemy, and it can feel really challenging to think of modifying the way we think, but it’s completely possible.

Start off by grounding yourself. Turn down the volume on the mental chatter by connecting with yourself and the earth. Connect with your feet and your breath. Step outside and connect with the sounds and feel of the world around you. How to beat anxiety naturally comes down to sorting through the chatter, so we can begin to change it. For more ways on grounding for anxiety, check this out.

If you find you talk to yourself imagining future situations all the time, this will help. It breaks down the cognitive distortions we often have that stop us from seeing the reality of the situation. A lot of us personalize other peoples behaviours and blame ourselves for how they’re feeling. We might also assume the worst when something small goes wrong along our path, this is called catastrophizing. If we can stop and become aware of what we’re imagining in these situations, we can break down this mental chatter and change it to something that is positive thus giving a better chance of learning how to beat anxiety.

You can then start to be kinder to yourself. Once you have a better understanding of what you’re feeling and the types of thoughts that are coming up, you can start doing certain things like this to encourage kindness towards yourself. Praising yourself for the small things, looking at the bigger picture, giving yourself a pat on the back and the respect to take a day off if you need one are some of of the most powerful things you can do when learning how to beat anxiety naturally.

And if you’re needing some inspiration when it comes to words of encouragement, look no further than here.

Helen Sian India doing yoga to learn how to beat anxiety naturally


Yoga is an obvious tool for how to beat anxiety naturally, so it needs to be in this guide! Yoga helps to reduce so many ailments that go hand in hand with anxiety, and helps to boost so many things that create a positive impact in our lives.

At the most basic level, it calms us down. When we’re calmer we can better understand what is causing our anxiety, and can then use other tools like journaling, meditating, self-talk practices, affirmations and routines to further break it down and learn how to beat anxiety effectively.

You’ll find lots of different yoga resources on here like yoga for sleep and relaxation, yoga for work and home and yoga for weight loss but for the purpose of this article we’ll keep it simple! The fastest way you can learn how to beat anxiety and beat it long term is to learn how to breathe properly and learn how to be mindful with yoga. By building these two things into your day, you’re equipping yourself with tools that give fast results on learning how to beat anxiety naturally. It’s as simple as counting your breath within the yoga pose and checking in with different parts of your body.


Finally, and without a doubt, the most powerful and long-lasting way you can learn how to beat anxiety naturally is with self-awareness. Once you have a good understanding of yourself and your triggers, you can then identify which path to take.

Whether you’re overthinking, feeling the self-doubt, getting nervous, feeling unsettled or grieving, having an element of self-understanding goes a long way in knowing how to beat anxiety.

Firstly, I want you to know that negative thinking can be a positive thing! It can be an incredibly insightful way for us to understand our imbalances. But to harness it and learn how to beat anxiety naturally, we must remember these three things: to listen, to choose what we care about and to use it as a lesson. To break these down a little further and apply them to yourself, check this article out after reading this.

Secondly, try these things when you start to feel unsettled. Typically we feel unsettled because we’re resisting whatever is happening. But if you can begin to accept, and lean into these feelings, they begin to dissipate. Start by identifying where the resistance is coming from, then take a moment to write down everything that is on your mind, note your achievements for some positivity, and visualize yourself overcoming the situation that is bringing you anxiety. This practice, done regularly, is how to beat anxiety naturally.

We also often mistake nerves for anxiety. So take a moment to recognise what your body and mind is feeling. If you’re feeling fluttery in the stomach and a bit agitated and restless, try these things to calm your mind, body and emotions. Start by taking a few breaths, then move your body in some way, imagine the worst and the best-case scenario and then do something that makes you happy. Typically, we’ll be feeling a lot calmer and a lot more able to learn how to beat anxiety naturally once we’ve done these things!

You are capable of beating this anxiety

It might not feel believable right now, but you are one moment away from learning how to beat anxiety naturally. Decide now that you’re worthy of feeling like the calm, confident and content person that inspires you. You’ve already made the first step on knowing how to beat anxiety by taking the time to check out this article. So which step are you going to take first? Would you like to try meditation, or do you want to beat this anxiety by getting a good grip on your self-awareness? Choose something that feels even a little good to you, and give it a go tomorrow. You can do this. You can beat this anxiety.

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