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how to build wellness into your day if you’re a busy entrepreneur

Owning and managing a business can be difficult enough without having to constantly think about yourself too – learn the easiest ways to build wellness into your day.

As an entrepreneur, we have so many hats – marketing mogul, sales queen, accounting expert – and it can be overwhelming at times to keep everything running smoothly! Throw in the fact that in order to ensure the business keeps growing we have to make sure our mental and physical health is on top, and so we’re bound for overwhelm at some point.

So What Causes Overwhelm?

I remember one of my first clients had just started up in business. She was running at full steam ahead, setting up promotions and launches, running her own accounts, marketing her services, managing a team AND looking after her family. After less than a year in, she resented the business. She started it up because she wanted more freedom, more money and the ability to manage her own time and life but she’d found the exact opposite. Every breathing minute, she was answering emails, stressing over money, overthinking her staff wellbeing and creating a chaotic world where all her time was given to other people and other tasks.

It got to the point where she was ready to sell the business and call it a day, it had consumed her so much that it just wasn’t worth it anymore. The reason it had got to this stage? She had completely neglected herself. Every single second she was obsessing over the business and all it’s intricate details, and it had taken away from how important she was to the business. Without awareness of what she needed and wanted, she was living by expectations based on what other people wanted and what she thought a healthy business should look like.

So What Happened?

Once she learned to put herself first, everything changed. We started working on what stressed her out the most, and strategies to overcome that. Gradually she started taking more breaks, practicing gratitude, eating nutritiously, praising herself, celebrating her mistakes and loving her wins, she started lowering her expectations and picked up a regular yoga and meditation practice.

From that point she was able to prioritise and remain productive, sales in the business grew, her creative juices started flowing so she was able to welcome in more business, her relationships with staff and family grew happier because she was more relaxed and she started enjoying herself again. And it was simple, all it took were a few simple tweaks and changes to her routine and mindset and she was able to see what was important, and what wasn’t.

How can we expect our business to thrive when we aren’t thriving? We must always put ourselves and our wellness first in order for anything to bloom, and it can be as simple as breathing. Whether you’re a calm cookie or stressed out sister, these 3 daily wellness tips will get you feeling calmer, more confident and more in-control so you can stay productive, wealthy and abundant, always.

Quick + Easy Tips

1. Just breathe.
a. Every morning, take 3 breaths. Inhale to the count of 4, exhale to the count of 4. Slow down that nervous system from the get-go and create a space of calm and control for the entire day.

2. Get moving!
a. Every hour, for 3-5 minutes just move! Stretch whilst you sit, or go for a quick walk. Set an alarm and shake up the energy. You’ll come back with more clarity and more force than you would if you sat for hours.

3. Sing your praises
a. Whether you signed a million dollar deal or you made someone smile that day, remember that was all you. Stop and recognise the efforts you’re making, because it’s all the small steps that create the big wins.

More Impactful, Long-Lasting Tips

And if you’re after something a little more purposeful to add to your routine, try any of the following to absolutely boss your day with intention and integrity.

  1. Set an intention for the day – how would you like today to go? What would you like to achieve? How would you like to feel?
  2. Practice yoga daily – whether it’s 5 minutes or 55 minutes, every little helps.
  3. Meditate consistently – even 1 minute can transform nerves into powerful energy
  4. Exercise when you can – just move and shake off all the stagnation!
  5. Eat to fuel and nourish – our brain and body thrives when we give it energy rich and nourishing food and wilt when we feed it with food that diminishes our energy and resources.
  6. Journal – want went well today? How can you improve on that tomorrow?
  7. Surround yourself with like-minded powerful ladies! Venus is amazing for this – sharing ideas and energy can change everything for the better.
  8. Control your thoughts – feel yourself getting negative? Write it all down, scribble it out and write how you’d prefer to think. It’s a simple yet effective practice.
  9. Use mantras and affirmations to stay focused on what you want. The simple phrases train the brain to stay positive and aligned with your goals.
  10. Speak to people regularly – make sure to reach out to friends and family daily to keep your social life up, the interactions can be more powerful than you think. Even going to a public place can keep the juices flowing! And if you’re wanting a more focused approach, a coach is the one to go to for all the answers.

Putting yourself first isn’t selfish and it isn’t a poor use of your time. It’s the most important thing you can do. By keeping your brain and body on top, your business is bound to thrive. By putting them last, you’re making what could be an amazing journey, a challenging one.
Look after yourself and let’s create an amazing life and world together! We’ve got this!

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