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how to lose weight with yoga and mindfulness

We’re all feeling it. A little bit squidgy around the middle, loose around the hips, flabby at the arms. It’s what a big time of the year does to us! And we’re all thinking how to lose weight without overhauling our life. How to lose this Christmas weight we all loved achieving… It’s very possible, and also enjoyable if we use yoga and mindfulness. A little each day, with the right intention and motivation, is the best way to lose weight.

The best time to think about losing weight is when we’re still in that Christmas, rested buzz. Real life hasn’t really kicked in, and we’re still feeling happy and positive. This time is best used thinking about how to nurture ourselves and how to lose weight. Once real life kicks in and we’re forced to put things other than our wellness ahead, it’s much harder to make a change. So we’re going to use this article, and this beautiful time we have, to put something in place. Using Yoga and Mindfulness is an amazing way to bring gentle yet effective weight loss into our lives. So! Onto how to lose weight with the amazing magic of Yoga and Mindfulness.

Yoga at Home

Yoga at home is most effective because we can weave it into our day which makes it one of the best ways to lose weight. We don’t have to think about getting to an exercise class, the time spent on travel, the money spent on attendance. Instead, you’re equipped with everything you need, right at home. There are so many yoga for weight loss poses and exercises out there. My favourite for the start of the year are these lazy yoga poses for weight lossThey’re simple to do and all you need is yourself (and a little motivation). You can find a million different classes for free on YouTubeYou can sign yourself up to an online yoga program like YogaGlo or 30 day yoga courseOr if you love the idea of having a teacher and community there to inspire and guide you, you can try out yoga live. And make sure to check out my Instagram for 3 sequences on how to lose weight with yoga and mindfulness. Doing yoga at home removes the restraints of class and is typically far more affordable and accessible. This is what makes it the best way to lose weight.

Yoga for weight loss

It’s incredible what yoga can do for your mind and body. And if weight loss is your goal, I have an amazing class for you to try. Spending 10 minutes on yourself, 3 times a week can be enough to kickstart your weight loss. You don’t need to throw yourself into a regimented food routine and grueling gym session. This can actually be detrimental to your body as you force it to over-work. It’s also really difficult to sustain. But small changes, over time, will get that weight dropping off you. And yoga for weight loss is a powerful way to go about it. Download your class here and use it 3 times a week for optimal weight loss.

Eat Mindfully

This is one of the biggest weight loss tips I can give you – eat mindfully. When we’re back into real life and rushing through our food, or eating for convenience, we pull ourselves back into gaining weight. As soon as we pause when we eat, we give ourselves the opportunity to continue losing weight. Eating mindfully means stop eating when we’re full. It means we fully savor our food and get out of it what we need. We can also use food to reduce our stress, ultimately helping our bodies to lose weight as we feel calmer and stronger. 

Here are the biggest weight loss tips when it comes to eating mindfully.

  • Eat without any distractions. Take yourself away from the TV or your phone and enjoy everything about your food. If you’re going to eat chocolate, make sure you fully embrace it!
  • Eat slower. Wait until you’ve swallowed until you prepare your next fork full of food & chew well & slowly to taste the flavours and textures,
  • Create a beautiful plate to eat. Use as many colours as you can so you’re inspired by something you do so naturally, and do so often!

Drink Water

How to lose weight by drinking water? It’s simple. Drink 30 minutes before to help with digestion. This means you’re absorbing everything you need and letting go of everything you don’t. Drink water an hour after your meal to absorb all the nutrients. Give your body a fighting chance to lose weight. You can also drink one glass of water just after you wake up to flush out any toxins gathered overnight. Letting go of the toxins means they’re no longer making it hard for your body to gain what it needs from food, and flush out what it doesn’t. It also helps you to recognise how much food you actually need to eat before feeling full as it prepares your body!

Create an intention

Finally, one of the best ways to lose weight is to make sure you have solid motivation to keep you going. So, create an intention around your weight loss. Are you doing it to feel good about yourself? Maybe you’re doing it for more energy? Are you doing it for better sleep? Keep this in the front of your mind and whenever the motivation wanes, or inspiration drops, go back to your intention. It’s especially great things get really hard and that cookie starts glaring at you…

Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard, and using Yoga and Mindfulness to assist you is one of the best ways to lose weight. I’ve seen so many people transform their lives with these techniques, and they haven’t gone back. Sustainability, motivation and constant inspiration is something you’ll be sure to find.

If you’re needing some more support in losing weight healthily, join me and my ladies over in my Yoga LIVE group. For $10 a month we get together in our private online group for 3 sessions a week. Whilst getting fit and loving our bodies, we work through de-stressing, building confidence and gaining self-respect. Join us now right here!