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how to stay calm during covid-19 lockdown | 10 at-home steps

It can be very easy to feel overwhelmed with what’s going on. We’re in unchartered territories and we’re all just playing it by ear. Fortunately, we can easily learn how to stay calm during covid-19 lockdown by implementing a few things into our day. It’s important we try to look after our mental health and support each other right now – when we come out of the other side of it, we will be more resilient, more in-control and far more capable of handling challenges in the future. Stay calm: covid-19 lockdown is temporary.

The key part learning how to stay calm during covid-19 lockdown is to keep an open mind. Give these strategies a go, keeping in mind we’re just playing to find what works best. Some of us might love long walks, and some might adore live yoga. You might be able to focus in your pj’s all day, your partner might need to wear their professional clothes. Learning how to stay calm during covid-19 lockdown will enable you to see through the overwhelm, notice the good over the bad and keep a cool head. You’ll notice yourself feeling less self-critical and irritable, less frustrated and more able to bounce back from a challenging day.

Check through the list below and select some you might be able to give a go, and if you start to notice any resistance or doubt, read through to the end. Stay calm: covid-19 doesn’t have to defeat us!

How to stay calm during covid-19 lockdown

  • Move as often as you can: walk around the house or do 20 mins of live yoga.
  • Keep in touch with people: make sure you are chatting to a friend or family member as often as you can. Call, video chat, message, share funny pictures. Whatever floats your boat.
  • If you’re working, take as many breaks as you can: every 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break to get up and walk around, or every 50 minutes, give yourself 10 to stay calm.
  • Breathe: stay calm during covid-19 lockdown by starting your morning or any new routine in your day with 3 lovely long breaths.
  • Keep your thoughts as positive as you can: always try to see the good in any situation. You moved a bit more today! Yay!
  • Accept when you feel overwhelmed and express it: write it down or tell someone
  • Get outside: try and walk to the park or around your block. A little bit of sunshine and fresh air makes a huge difference.
  • Laugh as often as you can! Bring a little smile onto your face in the morning and it’ll instantly encourage you to feel grateful and stay calm.
  • Create as much of a routine or structure to your day when you can: get up at the same time, go to sleep at the same time, each lunch at the same time.
  • Create a space in your house for meditation and yoga. Make it cosy, beautiful and enticing!
  • Try not to wear joggers and leisure-wear all the time – it’ll make it hard to stick to a routine. It might make you feel relaxed to begin with but it’ll make it harder to stay calm after a while!
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When it starts to feel hard to stay balanced

When we start working from home, or spend a lot more time at home than we’re used to, it can feel really stifling. The weekends start to feel like weekdays, bedtime gets later and later, lie-ins last longer, and we start to feel like we can’t shut off. Learning how to stay calm during covid-19 lockdown comes with giving yourself the best possible chance. It may be all well and good picking a few strategies out from the list above, but we often forget and let them fall by the wayside… have a wee gander at tips on how to make covid-19 lockdown work for you and you’ll find it a lot easier to stay calm.

Tips to stay calm during covid-19 lockdown

If you know you’re not the best when it comes to sticking to new habits… or you know you struggle to stay calm normally, these tips will help hugely!

  • Replace the story in your head. Rather than telling yourself you’ll manage just fine by plugging on during covid-19 lockdown, remind yourself of this truth:
    • I am happier when I stay calm. I feel better, work better and am more capable when I look after myself first.
  • Put an alarm on your phone to remind you.
    • It doesn’t have to be something like ‘get up and move!’ (which you’re likely to ignore…), try and make it more encouraging like ‘moving feels good, and I like feeling good!’
  • Get someone to hold you accountable. Ask your partner or friend to check in with you at the end of the day or week to see how you’ve got on.
  • Reward yourself. When you’ve been able to stay calm at the end of the week, do something good for yourself! You’ll already be feeling better learning how to stay calm during covid-19 lockdown, why not make it even better with a treat!
  • Consistently remind yourself to stay calm: covid-19 lockdown is temporary!

Taking care of yourself first is always going to help you stay calm during covid-19 lockdown and for your life – you’re able to tap into more energy, more calm, and better be able to help those around you.

Above all, have patience. Try the strategies and tips above with an open mind, and soon you’ll be feeling far more in-control and in capable of handling this lockdown situation. Stay calm: covid-19 lockdown doesn’t have to defeat us!

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