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how to stay motivated to do yoga: FREE habit tracker

We all know exercise is good for us. We all know we should stretch and move. But learning how to stay motivated to do yoga is easier said that done, right?! We wake up in the morning and the first thing we want to do is drink our tea and coffee, not roll the mat out. When we get back from work, we want to crash in-front of the telly and not keep moving. And we’d rather sit at our desk all day than look silly stretching in-front of our workmates. Yet, these are all just excuses we tell ourselves, because it’s easier.

The truth is, learning how to stay motivated to do yoga is simple. It just comes down to knowing our why, giving ourselves a reward and having some accountability. Once we have these things in place, the staying motivated to yoga becomes a piece of cake! Yum!

How I’ve managed to stay motivated to do yoga for 7 years

I’ve never been good at sticking to any kind of exercise. Never liked the gym, hated running and felt awkward and self-conscious at group classes. It wasn’t until I discovered yoga that the motivation started kicking in. I kind of stumbled across it when I decided I wanted to be healthier but didn’t know how. The why bit came naturally – I wanted to tone up, lose some squish and learn something new. I kept this at the forefront of my mind every morning when staying in bed was far more appealing than getting up and moving. The why was enough to get me to do it to begin with, but I needed something to keep me doing it.

That’s when online yoga challenges started playing a huge piece for me. The idea of winning a prize at the end and joining in with lots of other ladies helped to keep me accountable and the learning of new poses was my reward. I’m very driven my achievement and success and I automatically felt this after every session as I felt I had managed to learn and achieve something new.

After 30 days of the challenge, the habit was set in. After a few months the habit was concrete. And after teacher training, the habit became a lifestyle.

And it all started with my why.

Work out your why

This is pretty easy, ask yourself why am I wanting to do yoga? What do I hope it will bring into my life? How would I like my life to change. Write it down somewhere. Pop it on your fridge. Set it as a screensaver on your phone. All my new leading ladies in Yoga LIVE get a free calendar to keep their why as a daily reminder, so feel free to create a calendar yourself or join with us.

Better yet, take a moment to discover what is most important to you by working out your values. There are heaps of online resources for this, take a few moments to look – the insight you’ll find is incredibly powerful.

Taking a few moments or days to identify this is the first step to learning how to stay motivated to yoga. The next parts are easy!

21 days

21 days is all you need to begin a habit. But my biggest piece of advice? Start small. Start with 20 minutes a day, or every few days. Make it as easy as possible. Practice at home in-between jobs. Choose a studio close to your work or home. Join an online platform like my Yoga LIVE group. Remove any difficult choices like extra travel stress, or if it’s slightly out of budget. Find something affordable and accessible.

It’s also super important to remember that we are amazing being just enough. We don’t need to become yoga experts and master a handstand in a week. Nor do we need to create a lifestyle around yoga immediately. Just enough to achieve your why in time is plenty, and having this mindset will help to take the pressure off. Let alone make the experience that much more enjoyable.


Create a reward system to help you to stay motivated to do yoga. Download this habit tracker and give yourself a tick or gold star every time you practice. Decide on something you’re going to do for yourself once you’ve done all the sessions you wanted. Maybe a nice massage or facial. Is there a new restaurant you wanted to try? Book it in. Buy yourself some gorgeous flowers.

Having a reward in place will help you to stay motivated when the sofa and the ease of not doing is starts to take over…

Find accountability

If you want to know how to stay motivated to do yoga in the easiest possible way, find someone or something to hold you accountable. Nominate your partner, friends or colleagues to check in with you daily or weekly to see how you’re doing. Join a group or challenge where there will always be people present. Become a member of a community based gym or program like Yoga LIVE and have me as the teacher hold you accountable!

Myself, and all of these people will be their to cheer you on, not shout at you if you miss out one week. But having us there will help you to keep going.

You deserve the self-love

It takes time and self-respect to learn how to stay motivated to do yoga, and these points will get you there. Once you’ve kick-started, the self-respect, self-love and mental and physical resilience will grow and grow.

Make the whole process that much easier with all my Leading Ladies over in Yoga LIVE. We’re all there holding each other accountable with our praise and support, and our monthly challenges are great ways to be rewarded. Join us here for $20 a month and get your 2-week free trial. You’re totally capable of building a yoga habit, and I can’t wait to see you blossom.

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