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how to unplug from the world: 7 life hacks

From March 6th-7th, we have unplug day. A day dedicated to learning how to unplug from the world. I won’t be the first to say it’s hard work, because the online world is so addictive and gratifying! But it can also be quite toxic and mentally draining… but we really can have the best of both worlds here – we can enjoy and learn from social media and the internet, whilst being detached and connected to the physical world around us. It just takes a few little tweaks here and there to get our energy back!

the good, the bad, and the ugly of the online world

We all know that being plugged in all day is bad for our health, but it can also be really wholesome and inspiring! Finding a balance is key however, to stay on top of our mental and physical self.

the good!

I don’t know about you, but I often finding posts and images that can instantly change my mood. I might be worrying about something, then see a positive quote and suddenly everything is put back into perspective. I might feel overwhelmed by something, and then see a calming post that settles me back down again. There have also been numerous times I’ve learnt and grown from an online workshop or download, that has helped me gain better insight to myself – none of which I could have found anywhere else. The online world can allow for self-connection, reflection and learning in a beautifully safe space.

the bad…

I’m no stranger to this, and I know a lot of the people I work with battle with this on a daily basis. Because of the time we spend on social media, the constant looking down at a bright screen can put real stress on our bodies. There’s even such a thing called tech neck nowadays! (If that phrase came out 50 years ago, we’d all think it was some sort of robot dance…). The problem is, tech neck can affect our sleep, our breathing, our concentration and our confidence. These are such precious and valuable thing in our life that, if left alone, can truly affect our health. Add in the bright screens that prevent our brains from relaxing and our bodies from settling and it’s a recipe for disaster!

the ugly.

I hate to say this, but I’ve been a victim of the ugly side of social media. Because of social media, I have let myself become jealous of others. I constantly find myself comparing my looks, my business, my possessions to those of others online. And I’m aware that what we see is typically a ‘highlight reel’ of these people’s lives, but that doesn’t always stop the comparison from happening automatically. It’s frustrating to have to encourage ourselves to be grateful and positive for our own lives, when others choose so frequently to post attractive versions of theirs.

But it’s not all bad… a combination of these things can be healthy. And we can continue to be inspired whilst being motivated to move throughout the day and use these triggering cues to find out how we need to nourish ourselves a little more. The trick comes with learning when to pull back, and how often to!

So with that being said, here are 7 ways to unplug from the world

how to unplug from the world

  1. When you can, leave your tech at home for a little. When you go out to grab coffee, or walk the dog, or go for a lunch meeting. Leave your phone, your watch, your laptop and stay present in what you’re doing. Your devices will still work and will still receive everything they need to, without distracting you from what’s actually happening around you!
  2. If you don’t find yourself moving away from the tech, turn it off for a little! Or even for a few hours at a time! Give your mind a rest, and the batteries a rest while you’re at it. Turn the telly off if you’re not watching it, put your phone on charge outside the room, turn your laptop off for a little.
  3. Play around with the time you spend on social media – there are apps that find the perfect time for you! Play around with reducing the amount of time you spend on social media, and give yourself a little reward when you reach your goal.
  4. Set an away message on your email if you head out! It could be for an afternoon, weekend or whatever – if there is concern you’ll worry or frustrate others without an instant response, give them an away message so they know what to expect!
  5. Remove any unwanted profiles or suggestions from your feed – there’s no use in going on social media only to come away feeling worse than you did before. Every time you head online, cull a little 😉
  6. Charge your phone outside your room and get an old-school alarm clock. It’s to tempting to look at your phone last thing at night and first thing in the morning, but studies have shown this is pretty detrimental to our health. Allow yourself to get up mindfully and calmly before plugging in.
  7. Go cold turkey! Tell your friends and family that for 24 hours, you will be totally uncontactable. Have a play with it and see what you feel! It’s incredibly freeing!!

starting small is key

Remember, you can start small and slowly introduce good habits into your life without completely going off-grid. But learning how to unplug from the world can be truly life-changing when you allow yourself to detach a little. When you do this, you can look forward to more energy, more sense of freedom and a better ability to sleep and relax. Just from unplugging for a little while.

What are you going to try first?

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