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LIVE Yoga – the new online yoga classes

With the talk of self-care floating around everywhere, it’s hard to know where to turn! We all know Yoga is good for us, but often it feels tricky to actually practice. There’s a studio to drive to, parking to worry about. We have to think about what to wear and stress over how much it costs. Even with online yoga classes we have to muster up the motivation to practice, and search through 100’s of classes to find the right one for how we’re feeling. Live yoga on the other hand… that’s a whole new ball game, and one that’s going to change everything.

Benefits of yoga and online yoga classes

So, why yoga? And what’s good about it? Yoga is incredibly important if you’re wanting to learn how to chill out using just your body. We are constantly on auto-pilot in this world, and it’s causing our mind and body unnecessary stress. What’s sad is we don’t notice when we’re pushing too hard at the gym, or with long hours at work. We don’t often catch when we’re speaking to ourselves negatively, or have the energy to choose to think positively.

Yoga helps to slow our body down so we can pause and listen to our mind. It’s a powerful way of dealing with anxiety, stress, nerves, social anxiety. It helps us to lose weight, reduce back and neck pain, headaches and shoulder pain. It helps us to sleep better. And all we need is our body. Nothing else. No appointment with the doctor. No expensive physio. And no long wait or fear over a counsellor. Just you, and yoga.

All of these benefits of online yoga classes mean we can handle when a client cancels on us or complains, when our kids are causing us to scream, or when we have to fork out a big expense for a problem with the car. These would usually push us over the edge, but when yoga is involved, we can see clearly, calmly and confidently.

But with all the barriers that make it hard to practice, how can we get more yoga into our lives? Live yoga.

What is Yoga LIVE?

Yoga LIVE is a community of women, practicing yoga at home with a qualified teacher. 3x a week, the ladies get together from all over the world to practice. A teacher jumps on for 20 minutes, and guides all the ladies through a gorgeous practice, tailored to them. It’s online yoga classes with the feeling of belonging to a studio. You have the personal feel of working with a teacher, without the stress of driving and parking. You can roll out of bed and practice in your pj’s if you want! You don’t have to worry about what the kids are doing at home – get them to join in! It’s an accessible, affordable and practical way of getting yoga into your life. And you know what that means? A better ability to bounce back at a manager that keeps you at work late. It keeps the smile on your face when you’re coming up to a tough anniversary. Most importantly, it allows you to see life as a little brighter.

Who is Yoga LIVE for?

Everyone! Yoga is amazing for everyone. However, the Leading Ladies Yoga LIVE group is predominately for women. Men are absolutely welcome to join, however is the group often themed around issues that are commonly experienced by women.

If you’re a stay at home mum that struggles to find any time for herself, an entrepreneur with crazy hours or a hard-working woman with strict work times, yoga LIVE is your sanctuary. Each week, a fun poll goes out asking what you’d like to focus on. Sometimes we’ll focus on achy muscles and soothe tight lower backs or sore shoulders. Other times we’ll explore yoga that calms the mind or energizes the body. The beauty of Yoga LIVE as an option for online yoga classes is you get to theme it. No more time wasted searching on YouTube trying to find a session that’s the right length of time for your 15 minute break. No more panic-clicking then regretting your chosen session 10 minutes in. You get to ask the teacher what you’d like to focus on and we do it! Without even leaving the house! How delicious!

If you’ve given online yoga classes a go and found the motivation difficult, or you’ve been wanting to try yoga forever but never plucked up the courage, Yoga LIVE is definitely for you. You might find you’ve been finding yourself fed up with the lack of energy you’ve been experiencing.  Or maybe you just want to wake up happy and grateful, and not with a sigh. Yoga LIVE is a fabulous place to start.

How can I make it work for me?

We all know how tricky it can be to find the motivation to practice yoga, let alone schedule in a bath! That’s why the community in Yoga LIVE is the best of online yoga classes you can find. We all motivate each other in the group with love and support. Each month we have a challenge with amazing prizes and you’re set-up with a motivational calendar right from the get-go. You have direct support from Helen Sian India to help you overcome any blocks that are making it hard for you to look after yourself. 

AND if you can’t make a live session, they’re all on replay. The 20 minute sessions are designed to pack in enough energy and relaxation that you get the perfect amount to continue your day with a calm and positive outlook. You can pop it in your calendar to hold yourself accountable, tick off the units in the group to feel the satisfaction and encourage others to enhance your feeling of belonging. It’s a beautiful place to be.

Above all, remember to work out what is important to you. Keep that at the forefront of your mind and you’ll find yoga LIVE is a natural fit. What’s even better, is these types of online yoga classes are so flexible that you can do them by your desk at work, at home in-front of the TV or sometimes, even in bed!

Continue learning + growing daily with Yoga LIVE

Join in our live 20 minute sessions and start to feel like yourself again. Ease achy necks and lower back so you can sleep better. Feel comfortable in your body so you can do the things you really want. Look in the mirror and feel beautiful because you’re glowing from caring for yourself. For $20 a month, join a group of women looking after themselves at home, and start to let the good vibes in.