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online yoga vs live yoga – which program is best?

Online yoga programs – are they even good, what are the benefits and what is the difference between online yoga and live yoga? If you have any of these questions, you’re in the right place, lovely bum.

If you’ve never tried yoga and you’d like to give it a go without the commitment and pressure of a studio class, then I always suggest trying an online yoga program first. It gives you a beautiful taster of what you can expect. Spoiler alert! Expect to feel pain and stress relief, calm and relaxed, flexible and strong. And above all, expect to feel absolutely in touch with yourself like you’ve never felt before. With online and live yoga, you can choose yoga for beginners up to advanced. You can find yoga for a specific reason from tight shoulders to hatha yoga for the morning. And you can find a solution to your problems when you open yourself to trying something new. But what do you choose? Online Yoga Programs or Live Yoga?

Yoga Benefits

Firstly, yoga benefits everyone. Unless you’re perfectly calm, content, flexible and strong, you’ll get some benefit. Yoga is an amazing way to deal with anxiety, social anxiety, stress, nerves. It’s also one of the best ways to lose weight, reduce neck pain, lower back pain and shoulder pain. It helps to increase positive thinking and peace of mind. It’s also an incredibly affordable and time effective way of looking after yourself. It’s even more cost effective and time friendly if you opt for an online yoga program.

There are heaps of reasons to practice online yoga (more of which you can see here). And there are heaps of platforms you can practice with (check this out). But really the question is, what’s the difference between an online yoga program and live yoga? Online yoga allows you to practice yoga at home, at your own pace and in your own time. Live yoga allows you to do all that, but with the support and guidance of a qualified teacher.

Online Yoga Programs Vs Live Yoga

Yoga at home is getting more and more popular as we get more stressed, time poor and conscious of what we’re spending.  It allows us to look after our beautiful selves without having to exert too much energy at the gym or pay for a expensive spa days! Online yoga programs offer so many benefits. Not only do they help us to physically get fit, strong and flexible, they help us to build mental resilience whilst calming and de-stressing. How great is that?!

Online Yoga Program

Online yoga is essentially a yoga class that you can practice anywhere. It allows you to practice in your own time, at your own pace, at home or wherever you feel comfortable. You can usually choose the theme, type of yoga and teacher. It’s great because you’re not restricted to specific class times and you don’t have to pay a high price. You can create your own hatha yoga at home program, or explore vinyasa or kundalini. It allows you to play around with online meditation too if you’re needing to improve your sleep or de-stress.

I LOVE online yoga programs. They allow me the flexibility of practicing when I have time, and for the right amount of time I have. AND I get to do it at home in my pj’s or jeans and not feel silly. The only danger is that you could be practicing in a way that is detrimental to your body. Now whilst this is unlikely if you are gentle with yourself, it’s a possibility. Without the regular cues of a teacher it’s a little tricky to ensure you’re holding the pose for the right amount of time and moving in a way that feels good.  It’s also not the best solution for those of us that lack motivation and need accountability… BUT it’s great if you’re relatively self-assured and know what you’re doing.

Live Yoga

Online yoga with the added benefit of a teacher there with you! If you struggle with motivation and need some accountability then live yoga is for you. Live yoga gives you the flexibility to practice wherever you want whilst feeling supported. In Short + Sweet Yoga Live you also have a beautiful community of people there to show the love whilst you learn and grow, how delicious! And if you can’t make it live, there are always replays. There are lots of other platforms popping up that offer live yoga, some with a huge variety of times so you’re bound to find something that fits. If you’re after heaps of choice then Yogaia is your go to. If you’re after ease of use with an accessible and friendly (British) teacher then Short + Sweet is for you 😉

How to choose

Whether you want yoga exercises, yoga poses or your very own online yoga program, both online yoga and live yoga is for you. When you’re not in a studio space you have the power to choose whether you want yoga exercises for strength, yoga poses for flexibility, an at home program to help you de-stress or calm you for sleep. If you feel quite sure that motivation isn’t an issue then an online yoga program is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you’re wanting a little more support and accountability, live yoga is your go-to. You get the benefit of strength training, flexibility sessions and mental rehabilitation led by a trained and qualified teacher. Right there with you. You also have the ability to ask questions. And a beautiful advantage is you receive support and can be supported by the community.

I’m all about playing and exploring… for a couple of months you might love an online yoga program and feel motivated and driven. And then when things get busy and time gets tight, you might find your practice dropping off a little as the to-do list gets longer. Live yoga with the support and accountability would then be your beautiful bounty.

Give each a go, and allow yourself the time and space to find what works for you. 

And if live yoga is feeling right for you, join me and my Leading Ladies over in Yoga LIVE. We’re all there feeling healthier and fitter with every session, and our monthly challenges are great ways to keep the motivation going. Join us here for $10 a month and get your 2-week free trial. You’re totally capable of finding your perfect fit, and I can’t wait to see you blossom. Join Yoga LIVE here.