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powerful affirmations to combat stress

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I don’t know about you, but when I’m stressed my mind is running a million miles an hour. It’s often hard to slow it down and keep track of the thoughts whirring around. I only notice I’m so stressed when my heart is racing, I’m fidgeting about, my breath is super shallow and by this time it’s usually too late. I’m a nervous mess! But when I’m a little more mindful and pause for a moment in the morning and throughout the day and repeat powerful affirmations to combat stress, the physical struggle lifts noticeably. It’s as simple as a few words spoken out loud, but it’s incredibly powerful to slow down the chaotic and noisy thoughts.

So let’s make it work for you too, eh!

Why affirmations work to combat stress

We all love a bit of science now and again to confirm that our strategies are actually effective, right?

Affirmations help to encourage our self-efficacy.

When we have high self-efficacy, we perceive potential threats as manageable and in our control. Whereas when our self-efficacy is low, we easily accept that what happens to us is out of our control, and therefore we are helpless in creating our reality. This only encourages stress and a feeling of hopelessness as we believe that regardless of our abilities or skills, we are unable to achieve what we want.

When affirmations are used, we shift this level of self-efficacy and start to believe that we are capable of most things and have control over our reality. How good!

How affirmations change our brain

There is also evidence that specific areas in our brain are activated when performing self-affirmations tasks. Specifically the part of the brain that involves positive valuation and self-related information processing ignites. This means ‘we’re better able to view “otherwise-threatening information as more self-relevant and valuable”’ (Falk et al., 2015; Cascio et al., 2016).

So what does this mean for us?

Benefits of Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are so powerful in shifting our mental outlook on life, and as our bodies and minds are connected, there are going to be some incredible ways our bodies can physically change. By using the powerful affirmations to combat stress a little further down this page, we can look forward to these beautiful benefits!

  1. Affirmations combat health-deteriorating stress (Sherman et al., 2009; Critcher & Dunning, 2015);
  2. They make us more mindful to health messages and in return we see an improved intention to look after our health (think more fruit and veges and healthier physical choices) (Epton & Harris, 2008)
  3. Powerful affirmations combat every day stress and overthinking (Koole et al., 1999; Weisenfeld et al., 2001).
  4. Affirmations have been linked to academic achievement, by increasing the belief in individual success – we are more likely to keep trying and not give up. (Layous et al., 2017);

Yum! Just think, by repeating a few simple phrases each day we can open doors that allow in more happiness, more success and less stress.

Powerful affirmations to combat stress

We all have different reasons as to why we’re stressed. For some it might be financial strains, others could be bogged down by the way we look. Family and health also play a huge part in our stress. But these stresses can all be tackled by a few simple phrases to re-frame the way we think of ourselves and our lives.

Have a little think as to why you find yourself more stressed, and what situation usually occurs for you to feel this way.

Then have a read over these powerful affirmations to combat stress and choose a few that feel good.

Put a reminder on your phone to repeat them every morning a few times and you’re good to go.

If money is your biggest stress right now:

There is more than enough money in this world

Every dollar I spend and donate comes back to me multiplied

I deserve to be paid for my skills, time and knowledge

$… is being drawn to me as we speak (insert whatever your financial goal is)

If body image is your biggest stress right now:

I am grateful for my healthy body. I love my life.

My body takes me everywhere easily and effortlessly

I deserve to be treated with love and respect.

I am comfortable looking at myself in the mirror

If health is your biggest stress right now:

I have control over my health

The older I get the healthier I become

I love and care for my body and it cares for me

My body is healed, restored and filled with energy

If family is your biggest stress right now:

I believe in the good in people

I make people feel good about themselves

I’m thankful for all the difficult people in my life as they each teach me how I do not want to act

I see my family through the eyes of love

Have fun with them and see how you go! When we repeat these powerful affirmations to combat stress regularly, we open ourselves up to so much good.

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