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quick tips for ambitious women needing less stress and more energy

Do you ever wake up in the morning and dread the day to come? Or feel the guilt from not exercising? Or that burger you know you’ll end up eating because it’s the closest thing to work? Being ambitious is amazing, but sometimes it means we stress over the things that end up stressing us out more. So how do we bring less stress and more energy into our lives?

Stop and Think

As soon as we shift our focus onto what matters to us and our wellbeing, our stress dissipates and our energy increases. When we stop and think about what is actually getting to us, our awareness and power grows ten-fold. For me, I stress about failing, about letting people down, about not ‘doing my best’. But when I stop and think for a second, I realise I can’t fail if I try. I can’t let people down if I’m honest with them and myself and I can’t not ‘do my best’ because my best comes with the moment I’m in.

We all have our own stressors, but stopping and being aware of them is the golden ticket to finding less stress and more energy so we can make the most of the this fabulous life we’ve been given.

What Causes You Stress?

So to kick-start, here is one challenge you can try to make a step towards less stress and more energy:

Ask yourself, what stresses me out?!

If this is tricky and nothing instantly comes to mind, keep a notepad with you for a week ready to jot down some things down. List what triggers you – the situations that ignite an intense emotional response or the people that really rub you up the wrong way.

Then, dig into this amazing toolbox of 5 minute tips and apply each or any of these strategies to perk up that negative stressful mood and shift it into an empowering mood full of energy.

1. Mindset Journaling

  • This can come in so many forms, but I’ve found the most powerful way is to write down the negative thought or feeling that comes up for you. Scribble or rub it out, then instantly write the positive, more empowering view of the problem. Repeat this whenever the negative thought rears its head.

2. Red, amber, green

  • A recent client of mine used traffic lights as an analogy for this tip (Do whatever feels best for you, I like to name them). Whenever a stressful situation arises and your mind starts taking it personally (red), shift it to realistic perception (amber) and then shift it to a positive perception (green). The quick refocusing can instantly change how you feel about a tough situation.

3. Mindfulness

  • When the stress starts flowing and the thoughts start spiralling, bring in a some beautiful mindfulness. Note how your body feels in your clothes, the temperature around you, your feet on the floor. If you want, you can even describe what you’re doing physically (I’m typing on my keyboard) to bring yourself back to reality and to the present moment.

4. Meditation

  • The most powerful tool. Just stop. Take 5 breathes. Tap into your body and allow your thoughts to float away. As soon as the next one comes in (usually a split second after you let go of the last one), let that one float away again and bring yourself back to your breath. Even 1 minute of this can be enough to re-centre you.

5. Move

  • All that stagnant energy and adrenaline caused by pent up stress needs to go somewhere! Run for miles if you want, do yoga for hours, or simply just move away from what you’re doing in that moment and go and get yourself a drink. Moving is so simple yet so effective to shift to less stress and more energy. We’re all physical beings when it comes down to it, so get physical!

6. Smile/laugh

  • A beautiful meditation I did recently was smiling. All we did was sit and smile. Muscle memory is amazing and when the stress starts rising, a simple smile can be enough to shift the stress to positive energy. So literally get smiling! We did it so much so that we started laughing, maybe silly but so joyful.

7. Mantras

  • Repeat, repeat, repeat. Practice, practice, practice. Get your fave mantra out and say it softly in your mind or shout it out to your hearts content, whatever works for you. I love ‘things always work out for me’ and ‘everything happens in divine timing’.

8. Visualizzzeee

  • Find yourself replaying the stressful moment? Living in that stress that happened yesterday or that hasn’t actually happened at all?! You have the power to switch that over. Easier said than done, I know, but my coach taught me something that really works for me so I invite you to try it out. That negative thought is a wee movie in your mind, you have the power to change the movie reel and replace it with a movie you’d prefer to watch. So head on back to that projector room, change the reel and chuck out that old negative movie that serves no-one but that annoying fearful ego.

So there you are! There are so many other beautiful tactics you can try to shift from less stress to more energy so that you’re productive and empowered in your life. These are tips that have worked so powerfully for me, so I wanted to share them with you. Keep these on hand so you’re always prepared.

You got this you beautiful being!

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