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relaxation yoga and self-care for beginners

On the 15th it’s National Relaxation Day! So I’m here to give you a short and sweet read this week packed with relaxation yoga and self-care tips for beginners. I love yoga because it allows me to relax and learn something about myself along the way. Even after a super tough session I end up feeling relaxed! But, to keep things simple, I’m running you through the most relaxing yoga and self-care strategies I’ve come to know and love over the years.

Let’s keep things simple

Because that’s where true relaxation begins; when it’s pure and simple. I want to start off by saying some of these things will work beautifully for you, and others won’t, so it’s all about playing around and finding your sweet spot. It’s also all about layering up some of the ‘surface’ self-care and yoga tips with the deeper practices to ensure you truly find relaxation in your life. It took me years to fully relax throughout my life, that it would sometimes take me hours to fall asleep, I couldn’t rest when getting massages and there was no way I felt comfortable lying down after a yoga class.

Now I find myself falling asleep with ease on massage beds, at the end of most yoga classes and as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Quick + easy relaxation yoga + self-care

When I say surface, I mean it usually only helps us to relax temporarily and within the moment, which is often enough to help us to relax more permanently if we choose to go deeper. Just know, no matter how many of these you try, they’ll only ever give you a quick fix and not lasting change. But hey, they feel great and is sometimes all we need.

The obvious self-care ones:

  • A beautiful bubbly bubble bath
  • Listening to calming and gentle music
  • Going for a walk

The obvious yoga ones:

  • Childs pose
  • Savasana
  • Crocodile
Images of Child, Savasana and Crocodile for relaxation yoga poses for beginners

Whip these out when you’re needing a instant shot of relaxation, like when you have 5 minutes before your stressy friend or mother-in-law heads over.

Longer-lasting relaxation yoga + self-care

These, when layered with the quick and easy tips, will ramp up your relaxation and get you wondering why you’d never explored it more officially before.

The deeper self-care ones:

  • Whip out your favourite notebook and journal what’s bothering you, the more you hash this out, the quicker you’ll be able to relax
  • Watch your self-talk. In-line with journaling, start a smaller thought journal and monitor whenever you start to feel worried, anxious or stressed. Write the thoughts down, recognise any patterns and make a change.
  • Meditate before you go to bed or when you wake up. Build a habit of it, even if for 5 minutes a day, and you’ll find yourself being able to relax so much easier.

The deeper yoga ones:

Each of these points have their own guides as they’re so powerful and can make such a wonderful impact on your ability to relax, so check them out and give them a go!

It’s a beautiful ability to be able to relax, and all it takes is the willingness to try. Give these a go and you’ll begin to notice your stress fading away and your ability to relax begin to grow.

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