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ROGA – running and yoga, the best of both worlds

Roga! The beautiful new trend coined by these lovely people. Roga combines yoga and running so you can prevent injury, get the most out of your running and be mindful whilst you do it. Maybe you’re an avid runner and want to get more out of your runs, or you love yoga but want to move a little more – give Roga a go and you won’t regret it.

A lot of the time we segment our exercising into one category. We’re going for a run today. We’re doing strength training at the gym. We’re stretching at home with Yoga LIVE. But what if we could combine two complimentary practices together to get the most out of our time? With yoga and running you really can.

Make Roga work for you

Roga should be practiced at least once a week to keep your body fit and healthy, at least 3x a week if you’re wanting to lose weight and on occasion if you’re wanting to mix things up a little. It’s also a great initiative to start your day with a little burst of energy. Try a couple of short runs at first and see how you go, then put a plan in place – are you going to try it in the mornings or evenings? Maybe you could give it a go twice a week in the mornings, with a more chilled out walk one evening! Decide on your goal, whether it’s to shake up your current routine, lose weight and tone, or simply stretch a bit more, and keep a reminder close by to keep the motivation up.

Roga stretches – before, during and after

To get the most out of your time running, and prepare your body well to prevent injury, try these poses.


Toe Pose

helen sian india doing toe pose for roga

Start on all fours again with your toes tucked under and slowly bring your weight back so you can sit up. Stay here with gentle pressure on your feet for a few breaths (I know you’ll feel it!!) and slowly uncurl your toes to sit back onto your feet. Next, lean your weight back so your knees pick up off the floor and hold here, stretching your ankles for a few breaths.

Lying Pigeon

helen sian india doing lying pigeon for roga

Bring your feet back onto the floor with your legs bent. Pop one ankle above the knee of your other leg, weave one hand through the gap in your legs and the other around the supporting leg. With an exhale, guide your legs closer to your body to stretch your back body. Inhale to release and repeat on the other side.

Lying Cow Face

helen sian india doing lying cow face pose for roga

Hug your knees into your chest as you lie down and cross your ankles, reach round to grab each foot whilst keeping your ankles crossed. Reach your arms out to guide your feet away from each other and stay here for a few breaths before you swap the crossing of your ankles and repeat.



helen sian india doing dancer for roga

This is a challenge but feels so great when running. Come to balance on one foot, bending the other leg and grabbing the foot behind you. Breathe in to reach your other hand in-front of you, and breathe out to lean forward and push your hand into your foot. Yumm stretch!

Standing Downward Dog

standing downward dog with helen sian india and roga

Stand about a leg distance away from a desk or table and place your hands on the top (you might need to lean forward to do this). As you breathe out, drop your chest to the floor and push your bum back. If you need you can bend your knees, just make sure you’re getting your back nice and flat. Hold here for a few breaths, dropping your head between your shoulders.


Runners Lunge

helen sian india doing runners lunge for roga

Start in low lunge and shift your weight back to the back foot. Stretch your front leg out as much as you can and reach your toes up. Stay here for a few breaths and repeat onto the other side!

Wide Leg Forward Fold

helen sian india doing wide legged forward fold for roga

Start standing and step your feet out about a legs distance. Keep your toes pointed forward and hinging by the hips, lean forward to bring your fingertips to the floor. Stay here for a few breaths and enjoy!


helen sian india doing lizard pose for roga

Again, start in low lunge. This time, shuffle your front foot out to the side of the mat so both hands rest on the inside of your foot. Turn your foot out slightly and sink your hips to the floor. Stay here for a few breaths or as long as you can!

For when you’re running

It’s so easy with any exercise to let our mind wander and take over, but it’s so important for our mental and physical health to stay focused and mindful of what we’re doing. We can prevent injury, increase relaxation, decrease stress, and enjoy our time more when we’re mindfully running. Be aware of your breath as you run, trying to take full and long breaths. Be aware of your surroundings, absorbing the colours, smells, texture of the floor or the temperature on your skin as you move. Check through your body periodically from your feet to your head, checking on how it feels. Pause for a moment to monitor your body and enjoy the feeling of moving. When we can be mindful, we give ourselves so much more than just fitness.

And that’s it! Are you a runner? Would you like to get into more running? Try Roga and really enjoy the benefits it gives you.

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