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the only yoga poses you need to lose weight this spring

Yoga is a beautiful practice for many things; one of them being weight loss and toning. When we get a regular practice in, we start to notice our bodies and minds transforming. Not only do we begin to see muscles emerging, but we become more accepting of our lovely bodies. And we don’t need to punish ourselves at the gym every day for an hour to achieve beautiful things this Spring, because here are the only yoga poses you need to lose weight.

Why is yoga good for toning and losing weight?

As we all know, yoga is a physical practice. There are some gentle versions of yoga like Yin, and there are more intense versions like Ashtanga or Vinyasa. And whilst yoga entirely by itself won’t allow you to lose kg’s (no physical exercise can do this alone), it’s an effective way to lose weight mindfully, whilst eating well and looking after yourself as a whole. There are some yoga poses you need to lose weight, and we’re running over them here, but the thing to remember is consistency. Try and do these as often as possible, every morning or every evening. Maybe in the middle of the day to shake things up. Put it in your daily schedule and make it happen if you want to lose weight. Also don’t forget these yoga poses you need to lose weight may feel hard to begin with, and that’s a good thing! They don’t last long so keep with it my friend!

It’s also worth remembering that yoga helps us to stay in touch with the present moment. As we focus on the now combined with movement, it’s hard to think about other things. This practice helps to condition the brain to be mindful which encourages self-love and self-acceptance so we learn to love the journey and not just the end goal.

the only yoga poses you need to lose weight

The best thing to do is start small and create a habit. Habits can be created anywhere between 21 and 66 days, so aim for a minimum timeframe between that! Choose a location, a time and duration and put it in your calendar. Create an alarm or post-it note to remind you, and if you like, ask a family member or friend to hold you accountable! Try for 2-3 days a week to begin with and slowly build up if you wish. One of the biggest mistakes we make is when we create too much change to our routine and become overwhelmed. This only leads to us completely giving up. Start small and build!

Warrior II to Warrior I Lean

Start standing and step your left leg back, keep your right toes pointing forward and turn your back toes out to the left. Bend your right knee so your ankle is directly below your knee and stretch both arms out over your feet. Take a few breaths here until you start to feel it in your legs! On an exhale, turn your hips to the right foot and lean forward with your hands interlaced behind you. Repeat this 6x on each side and feel the burn!

Chair to High Lunge

Stand with both feet together and bend your knees as if you’re about to sit on a chair, keep your hands in front of your chest as you bring your weight back into your heels. Stay here for a few breaths. On an exhale, shift the weight to your right foot and step your left leg back to a high lunge. Lower and lift your back knee to the floor 6x before returning to chair. Repeat on the each side 6x and you’ll thank me for it!

Dolphin to Plank

Start off in plank position with your forearms on the floor. With an inhale, walk your feet in a little and lift your hips up to the sky whilst guiding your chest back. Breathe in and out of this 6x, holding for a breath in each pose!

Boat to Stick

Here’s a simple one! Start by lying down with your arms up and over your head, on your exhale lift your upper body off the floor whilst bending your knees and lifting your feet to come into boat. As you breathe in, slower lower yourself back down again. Repeat 6x, again lingering in each pose to ramp it up!

And that’s it! Try these as often as you can, in the morning, evening or afternoon if you’re feeling you need more energy and you’ll soon be noticing the muscles showing!

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