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top 5 fitness tips for women who want more from their workout

It’s a minefield out there when it comes to fitness tips for women. We must workout in order to keep our energy, but where do we find the time? We want to stick to our program and habits, but what do we do when our body is stressed and tired? We’ve got so be self-motivated to look after ourselves, but also keep on top of work, family and friends? How do we tackle all this and actually stay balanced?

Well. The answer is simple, and it comes from taking a slightly different look at our fitness.

Use your precious time well

We are so time-poor nowadays that it’s just so tricky to get everything in. You’re good at working out, and have built a good habit up but you can’t seem to find time for the other things you want to try.  You know your running, gym sessions or cycling would be a lot easier if you could stretch more, but you don’t know where to start. You know you’d have the motivation to try new things your mindset was on-point but not everything is convenient to your lifestyle and responsibilities. But the great news? It doesn’t have to be that hard.

Try + keep playing

Unless you want to be a world class athlete or winner of all the strong-women competitions, then it’s likely we don’t have to be 100% regimented when it comes to our fitness. Fitness tips for women can come in all shapes and sizes, and they each will fit us slightly differently. The goal here is to test and try lots of little things, with no judgements on ourselves. Sounds easy, but is it? How often have you tried new things all to ridicule yourself, doubt yourself and end up feeling like you could have done it differently. Or you’ve never actually given yourself the opportunity to try something new for the fear of getting it wrong, or looking silly.

These are all judgements on ourselves based on expectations that things should be a certain way. ‘That girl eats like this and looks like that, so it must work for me’, ‘that girl’s life looks incredible on Instagram, she must have all the time in the world to get it all done’ or ‘I’d love to try going to a yoga studio class, but everyone already knows what they’re doing, I don’t want to look like the stupid one’. They don’t make us feel good, right? Yet, they so often fill our minds. They convince us that we’re not worthy, or capable of progressing physically or mentally. They keep us stuck, worrying about our health and how to make a change for the better without running into exhaustion.

When we live in this fear, any amount of fitness tips for women will not change our thought process. We have to pause, step back and re-evaluate with an open mind. So if you want more from your workout, you must first embrace an attitude that you’re worthy of the absolute best, that you’re capable of a clear mind and stronger body and more than anything, you have the time to make it happen. It’s just that a few adjustments are necessary!

Top 5 fitness tips for women

With these 5 changes and adjustments, you can stop worrying about your health, shift that feeling that you have too many thoughts in your head and begin to manage the stress and anxiety of work and life – all in the same workout sessions you already have scheduled. These are the only fitness tips for women you’ll actually need to get more out of your workout, and the precious time you have for it.

Listen to your body

We frequently push past what our body is telling us to get to the end of the workout, or to attack that new goal, or because we think it’s going to be good for our health. Unfortunately, quite often we hurt ourselves in the process. If we lived in a less regimented world where we were free to try and play without judgement or fear of running out of time, we’d be able to relax and get far more from our workouts.

Maybe you wake up on the day where you usually go for a run but your hips are killing you, try a walk instead. If you find you only have 5 minutes but want to get a workout in, pause for a moment and identify what your body needs. Does it want to run, or stretch? Does it want to feel strong or relaxed? Rather than forcing yourself to stick to your regular workout, listen to your body and what it needs to continue progressing and getting more from your workout time.


Whether you’re doing yoga, running, walking or working out at the gym remember to focus on your breath. When we can take full breaths, we can access more energy, more space and come from a place of calm control. Not only then are we able to deepen our workout time and get more from the minutes we put into it, we come away feeling refreshed because our mind has had time to relax.

Workout at home

One of the BEST fitness tips for women is to practice at home. We don’t need to spend $$$’s at a public or fancy gym, nor do we need to factor in extra time and stress to head to a studio. Join an online platform like Yoga LIVE that gives you the freedom to workout when you have 5 minutes or 50 minutes. When you’ve just rolled out of bed, or have 20 minutes to move whilst the kids get ready. Practicing at home with the guidance of a teacher can reduce travel cost and stress, whilst ticking the boxes of making the most of your time.

Get your mind in gear

Before every session, whether you’re doing it at home or elsewhere, spend 2 minutes telling yourself you’re amazing and you’re capable. Take some nice deep breaths, remind yourself why you’re taking the time to workout, and keep that positivity going throughout. When our brain is engaged in progression and positivity, we get a lot more out of our time and a lot more out of our body.

Increase your mobility

Weave in stretches to every workout. Spend 5 minutes going through a simple Sun Salutation or flow through a series of stretches that make your body feel good. Half way through your run or gym session, crack out arm, leg and back stretches to ease up the muscles you’ve been using. When you can increase mobility you reduce injury and prevent your body from burning out. Open hips help you to run further. Flexible shoulders help you to bench and lift more at the gym. An open back helps to ward off aches from cycling.

Ultimately, as our time is so poor it’s important that we use these fitness tips for women to really make the most of the time we have. Practice at home with Yoga LIVE to increase mobility and reduce travel time and stress. Learn to breathe effectively to keep your body going for longer and listen to your body by getting your brain in gear to keep them both aligned. And you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

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