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which meditation app is right for me?

It’s hard not to be overwhelmed by all the different meditations apps out there. All the different types. All the different voices and music etc etc etc. It was pretty overwhelming. It got me asking, which meditation app is actually right for me?

I spent months putting it off because there were too many choices and just far too many things to consider, so I just stuck with what I knew and listened to the recordings I’d had from years ago. I knew that meditation can open so many doors in our mind so I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try out new meditation app s (I also wanted to offer my clients the best advice for their most suitable option – we’re all very different, right?!), so I made it my quest to try lots out and find the best.

So, I come to you not with a techy point of view, or whatever is most user-friendly. I come to you with my opinion on each meditation app as a wellness coach and what is best for you regarding your personality type, your goals, your career. Or maybe just want to know more about other apps to try something different!

All apps and meditation types have their benefits and some may suit you more than others. I encourage you to give a couple a try so you can find your fit before getting discouraged and giving up. There will always be one that hits your sweet spot, we just have to kiss a few frogs before we meet out prince right?!

And remember, meditation is amazing for sleep, productivity, increasing calm, reducing stress, improving health and much more. However, it must be done with a patient, open-mind. Show yourself some compassion whilst learning something new. Above all – quieting and focusing the mind is one of the most challenging things we can expect ourselves to do, so take your time!


Free – $14.95USD per month
Headspace was one of the first apps I tried. I was expecting magic based on the fact I see it everywhere! And whilst it isn’t my taste, it is great for absolute beginners. The narrators voice is lovely and calming (although it reminded me of my brothers voice, which might be why I was put off…). There is a variety of packages you can buy (if on the free version), all with different focuses. The thing I found difficult though, is there wasn’t a lot of scope to ignite feelings and emotions through meditation. The focus is mainly around calming the mind. The videos they provide are a wonderful way to explore how our brain works, however it’s a little overly simplistic for me.

Best for: Absolute beginners with a goal of calming down the mind. Lots of options when it comes to duration of meditations, so fabulous if you’re super busy and only have 5 minutes.

Free – $12.99USD per month
With all honesty, this is an AMAZING app… but only when you pay for it. The free options are a nice taster to see whether you like the style of meditation and the usability of the app, but not much more. The app offers gorgeous background noises which are great for keeping focus and productivity high. Their ‘Breathe Bubble’ is delightful for those high-stress moments (if you’re visual and you want more than just mental counting). If you’re willing to pay then you’re in for a treat. The packages they have are gorgeously themed and easy to follow. They allow you to tap into more than just calming the mind.

Best for: Those that enjoy a themed meditation (e.g. meditation for work, for mindful eating, relationship with self), and need structure to stay motivated.

Insight Timer
So simple yet so lovely. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s mostly free, but I do really like Insight Timer. It’s great for those who have tried meditation for a while and like to plan their own, or those who know what kind of theme they want or need at that moment. Select the total time you’d like and see a random selection to choose from. Or select a theme and go for one that suits your goal and intention for the day. At it’s most basic level, you can select bells for a timed silent meditation with intervals. This is ideal if you already know what you’d like to meditate on, or if you’re using it for clients or a group of people.

Best for: Slightly more confident meditators, or those that are clear on what they want to achieve out of their meditation.

Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation
Free – $7.99USD per month
There’s one thing I love about this app – it’s calm appearance. For an over-thinker who loves to keep everything as simple as possible to reduce overwhelm, this ticks those boxes. It’s more affordable than a lot of it’s competitors and it offers clear meditations for most needs. It is however, a little too simplistic for my liking. There aren’t many themes to choose from. This app is great if you know what you want, but not great if you like to explore and branch out. However, it’s perfect for those that don’t like to think too much and just want a straight-forward meditation app to hash out a regular practice. They have 7 day programs and one off sessions, which is perfect for those of us who sometimes like structure, and sometimes like flow.

Best for: Those of us that want a simple life, like things to be straight-forward and aren’t fussed by having huge amounts of variety.

10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics
Free – $19.99USD per month
This is great for straight-talkers that like black and white and aren’t interested in anything spiritual. They just want the most straight-forward benefits of meditation. The brief explanations of meditation are a great way to understand why meditation is great, which is perfect for those that question the purpose of it. Again, it’s relatively simplistic and not at all airy-fairy. You’re less likely to find meditations named ‘connect with your inner self’ and more likely to find ‘mindfulness basics’ and ‘relax into sleep’. That being said, I thought this would be great for my non-spiritual, builder boyfriend but even he wasn’t that interested. His explanation to me was he rarely gets stressed, so why should he need it? Ahhh I’ve still got some work to do with him! Haha!

Best for: Busy, career-driven professionals that are stressed out and want something straight-forward and simple.

Other resources

Gabrielle Bernstein Meditations
This is where I started my meditation journey so I ALWAYS recommend it to people. The meditations Gabbie offers are easy to follow and help to ignite the emotions at that right time. You can download the album on itunes here by itself, but is best paired with her book ‘Add More Ing To Your Life’. When you pair the meditation with the lesson, it truly sticks and makes a huge difference to your life. With this combination, I learnt to forgive a past tragic friendship and relationship. I learnt to step out of my comfort and try new things with ease. Most importantly, I learnt to show compassion and love to those I truly struggled with.

You can buy her book with the link below – highly recommend.

I use yogaglo daily, because I love how clear it is. Think YouTube yoga but with FAR more structure and clarity. There are meditations and yoga to choose from which makes it a good all rounder. You can also choose programs to try out if you like a bit of structure. The only downside I find about this is you don’t really get access to the teachers so it feels a bit impersonal. And whilst there are PLENTY of teachers to choose from, I tend to only ever choose from 3.

Your own
I totally recommend trying a few meditation apps out until you find what works best for you. Once you start to understand your brain and what ignites and inspires you to stay calm and motivated, you can start to create your own. Whether you enjoy simply breathing, doing a quick body scan, staying mindful, visualization or a more intense mudra and kundalini meditation – you get to choose what fits you in that moment.

My own!
I often send my subscribers short and sweet meditations based on the month. I also have a Yoga and Meditation course, which you can check out on this page.
You can also give this beginners meditation a go if you’re wanting an instant pick-me up 🙂
Meditation is truly life-changing and magical and I’d love for you to make the most of your wonderful brain. Get experimenting with a meditation app and let me know how it goes!!