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why self-care is actually bad for you

Yep, that’s right! Self-care can actually be bad for you. It can be totally detrimental and can completely hide the issue at hand. I know I sound crazy, but hear me out.

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You might have the idea that self-care is having a bath, doing some yoga, painting your nails and putting on a good movie – these are all amazing ways to relax and de-stress but they are totally not a complete self-care routine (sorry not sorry). They are short and sweet and can help lift your mood, but only temporarily. We tend to turn to these quick fixes because they mask how we feel and temporarily help us to feel better, but what they can actually be doing is making us feel worse about ourselves.

If we constantly go to these quick fixes and find that we end up still feeling negative about certain situations, still allow the guilt and stress to take over, still feel the self-doubt and overwhelm creep it then we can be left feeling as though there’s something wrong with us. ‘How come I still feel stressed out even though I regularly relax and take baths?’, ‘why am I still feeling so much self-doubt even though I practice yoga and exercise regularly?’, ‘I eat well, I look after myself, I sleep well – why do I feel so low in confidence?’, because it takes a little more inner work to feel peace and harmony more regularly than overwhelm and stress.
If you’re willing to try some new things, be consistent and most importantly have compassion and patience with yourself then you’re in luck my friend, because I’m about to show you how true self-care can completely transform your life. And if your idea of self-care is getting a coach, reading self-help books, journaling, meditating, positive thinking practices, EFT, mantras, affirmations and a daily practice of patience, self-love and self-compassion then YAY! Self-care is totally good for you and you should keep going with what you’re doing.

I want to remind you that every effort you make is amazing and if you’re reading this, you want more for yourself and that’s beautiful. Please pat yourself on the back for that – you’re in the right place at the right time.

In order to start feeling more positive, peaceful and confident with less worry, stress and self-doubt then I recommend trying some new things out. Try one thing at a time and above all, be consistent and patience with yourself. Try with a new strategy 3 times a week, then slowly increase that – and if you don’t manage to complete it one day that’s ok! You’re human, send love to yourself and know you have another day to try again tomorrow.

My challenge to you – pick one of these things from each list and try them next week for 3 days. Choose your days, schedule them in and have a play.

Do yoga!
Repeat mantras + affirmations

Read a self-help book
Get creative
Take a break from your phone
Watch a ted talk + learn something new

Go for a walk/exercise
Give someone a hug
Play with a pet
Clean + re-organize home
Take a bath
Drink calming tea and nutritious food

And for a long lasting results, ask for an experts opinion like a coach (like me!) for a tailored plan to help you reach your goals with integrity and ease.

Please know that having baths, painting your nails and doing yoga are all great ways to feel better, but also know that in order to make real change and see real results, you can try lots of tried and tested ways to improve your life with massive steps forward.

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