Feeling unsettled? Something completely throwing you off balance? Anxiety, worry + self-doubt making too much of an appearance? 

Learn life-long strategies in as little as 6 sessions to handle your emotions, move forward with confidence  + maintain a level of inner peace you didn’t know you had.

I'd been struggling with balancing my own personal financial and fitness goals with work pressure. I couldn’t seem to find enough time or structure for myself to thrive and finally decided to get some help - Helen was recommended to me by a close friend who told me about her experience in the field, her holistic way of approaching issues and her personable nature. After meeting Helen, it become clear why she is in this line of work! She helped me by allowing me to communicate all of the issues at the forefront of my mind, whilst working through those to find the deeper problem and targeting them one by one. The result was almost immediate, I had a plan in place, small goals to achieve and check ins with her every week. I particularly liked how open and non-judgemental Helen was to our conversations and rather than telling me what I need to do, worked with me to chip away at a manageable pace. I found the whole experience to be a real transition point in my life. Meeting Helen, undertaking her holistic approach and trusting in the expert has changed my life for the better. I’ve well and truly found my Sweet Spot in this life and have already recommended her to others.
Hana Lily
Career Coach


4 yoga classes

1:1 yoga + wellness coaching

tailored wellness guide

Want to try yoga and give 1:1 coaching a go but not 100% sure whether it’s for you? Well this is a wee taster for you. Four consecutive weeks of yoga to give you a good understanding of what it can do for your mind and  body along with a deep dive into your most challenging issues. Come away with your spark back and your confidence high.



The wellbeing of your employees is so important – yoga reduces stress, calms + focuses the mind, builds resilience, improves sleep and overall mood. When you start a yoga + wellness journey you create staff that are happy, healthy and committed. Think fewer sick days, more engagement and a vibrant workforce – what could be better!

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short + sweet nuggets of wisdom

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free habit tracker

download your habit tracker

Make exercise easy, meditation simple + actually get things done. So simple yet so effective, you simply note what you want to achieve and tick it off!

free wellness program

4 step wellness program

Learn how to reduce stress in 4 days, 4 quick videos, 4 minute resources + become a confident, calm and in-control woman

free morning meditation

set your day up for success

Sit up in bed, listen with your coffee or get motivated during your morning walk. 5 minutes to make a huge difference in your day.

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