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Wellness Coaching

Fed up of feeling unsettled? Need your spark and motivation back? Want to feel like the happy, healthy, confident self you used to be? I know that might sound cheesy, but I also know that’s exactly what you’ve lost and exactly what you want back.


old you

You find yourself stressed more than you are happy and calm. You’re productive for about 5 minutes a day before your brain fries and you can’t concentrate or focus. You find yourself flitting from one thing to the next, trying to make your relationships, your work and your happiness fit, but you always seem to be at the bottom of the never-ending to-do list.

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sweet spot

new you

You wake up with intention, calm and excited for the day. Your focus is laser-sharp and you feel like your motivated, focused self, ready to tackle the big things with ease. The self-doubt, overthinking and worry feels minimal next to joy and pride you feel about yourself. No longer do you feel guilt for doing things for yourself, but excitement for the future possibilities and faith in yourself.

helen sian india about me

Does IMBALANCED LIFE sound like you and SWEET SPOT LIFE sound like a ridiculous dream?

In my 1:1 coaching program, we will take an honest look at
your life and figure out what is working for you, what isn’t,
and what you can start doing differently, TODAY, to find
your sweet spot. If IMBALANCED LIFE sounds like your reality… 

You’re ready to find your Sweet Spot.



Hana, Career Coach

I had been struggling with balancing my own personal financial and fitness goals with work pressure. I couldn’t seem to find enough time or structure for myself to thrive and finally decided to get some help. Helen was recommended to me by a close friend who told me about her experience in the field, her holistic way of approaching issues and her personable nature. 

After meeting Helen, it become clear why she is in this line of work. Helen helped me by allowing me to communicate all of the issues at the forefront of my mind, yet working through those to find the deeper problem and targeting them one by one. The result was almost immediate, I had a plan in place, small goals to achieve and check ins with her every week. 

I particularly liked how open and non-judgemental Helen was to our conversations and rather than telling me what I need to do, worked with me to chip away at a manageable pace. I found the whole experience to be a real transition point in my life. Meeting Helen, undertaking her holistic approach and trusting in the expert has changed my life for the better. 

Jules, Business Manager

I have just completed a 1:1 three month yoga wellness package with Helen. I was very nervous about joining yoga as I have several injuries and I knew nothing about yoga apart from what I have seen on social media. Helen has given me inner strength I didn’t know my body & mind had, I have learnt so much from her and I am truly grateful for this. 

What was really important to me was to learn how to deal with and cope with stress in my life. With all these new skills I have gained I feel more confident and in control of my life, Helen is a lovely warm person she is really approachable and sincere she really cares about your wellness.

I would highly recommend doing 1:1 or going to one of the group classes

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Katie, Product Innovation Manager

I approached Helen for coaching because I felt life was quite hectic and work was beginning to take over. I was spread thin by trying to have a life and continue life outside of work but this was leaving me exhausted and stretched thin when trying to fit in the things I want to.

Helen was great and helped by breaking down the key aspects of my life and giving key methods and new approaches to my daily life. She taught me that small changes can have a huge impact and how to add brightness into areas of my life I have made a chore. This has meant that my weeks are filled with key times to wind down and take stock and at last I am able to switch off (even if just for 2 minutes). 

She is great at encouraging you and making you celebrate the small wins that I know I had not been allowing myself. I found the whole experience has meant I will be approaching the New Year with a completely different attitude.

I would recommend Helen to people who need to take stock and find techniques to improve their lives for the better. She is a fantastic coach who will ensure that you look inwards at what makes you happier and opens your eyes through her coaching to new ways you can live in a more fulfilling and positive way!

2 ways to find your sweet spot

1 off session


60 minutes

the goodies

Choose from Wellness Coaching, Yoga Coaching or a mix of both. Yoga will get you feeling physically fit and calm, wellness will get you feeling mentally confident and motivated. You come away with kick-start strategies and a fresh outlook on your life.





60 minutes + weekly check-ins

the goodies

For 3, 6 or 12 months we get together and create your dream life. You'll learn life-long strategies to handle your stress, challenges and relationships like the queen you are. After our time together you come away with a hefty toolbox of proven strategies.


$355 a month

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