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why yoga LIVE for your staff?

stress relief

Yoga is the ultimate stress reliever. Practice can reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure. Yoga may even reduce symptoms of more serious mental health issues like anxiety, resulting in a calmer and more cohesive workplace.

sharp mind

It can make your mind sharper. Exercise is a natural way to sharpen your memory. Yoga, in particular, also helps boost brain function and improve reaction time post-workout, meaning more efficient and productive staff members.

pain relief

Yoga can ease pain. Neck pain, knee pain, back pain, hip pain etc. Yoga is the antidote to these types of ailments. The practice can help relieve chronic pain, according to Harvard Medical School - fewer sick days!

improved sleep

It can help you sleep. Research shows the practice can help with insomnia. And with it’s calming benefits, there’s no doubt your mind will be relaxed and prepped for rest - staff members are more alert and engaged.

improved happiness

It leads to a happier state of mind. Practicing yoga boosts your mood. Happy staff makes all the difference in the workplace.

fewer injuries

It makes you more flexible and balanced. A regular yoga practice can help improve your balance and muscle flexibility which in turn means fewer injuries and accidents. Add in all it's physical benefits of strength building and weight loss, it's a recipe for greatness.

yoga community at home.

no travel stress

your staff only has to think about travel to their living room to practice with other amazing women in the group!
they can easily fit a 20 minute session into their busy day with no stress of travel, parking or competition.

daily motivation + Q&A

members are encouraged to stay engaged and on-top of their self-care with monthly challenges, inspirational posts and direct support from myself; a trained wellness expert.

inspirational community

staff can learn from guest teachers, speakers and the other fabulous women in the group. Bonus meditations, self-care tips and more are offered to help support their important self-care journey.

About Helen Sian India

the lady behind it all

I’ve been teaching for 7+ years now in all different arenas and have found practicing in the comfort of your own home, with the guidance of a teacher, to be the most effective way to look after mental and physical health.

With a main focus on helping stressed, overworked women, the classes are designed to calm anxiety, overwhelm and burnout with a holistic approach.

helen sian india yoga teacher corporate wellness

3 month memberships exclusive to corporates

3 months are the sweet spot for change for the majority of healthy individuals. Staff members trying Yoga LIVE once a week over 3 months will notice better sleep, improved mood, sharper focus and a more flexible and able body.

$20 a month per member

the most affordable, effective mental health strategy you'll find

20 minute sessions

LIVE 3x times a week

replays available and added to growing library

1 month free

When you sign up a staff member, they'll instantly receive one free month to trial before any payment is taken.

the process is simple

decide on the total amount of staff members you'd like to trial on yoga live

payment is taken through helen sian india, one month later

send staff members directly to the group with link and code provided

happy + healthy staff!