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I love books + things

I spend a good lot of my time trying and testing lots of different ways to make life simpler.

These are the things I’ve known to help both myself and my clients and I want to share them with you!


Of all the books I’ve read, these are by far the best. Other than Harry Potter of course.

Online Yoga + Wellness

From online meditation apps to yoga at home programs – here’s where you’ll find the perfect yoga class and meditation for you


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free habit tracker

download your habit tracker

Make exercise easy, meditation simple + actually get things done. So simple yet so effective, you simply note what you want to achieve and tick it off!

free wellness program

4 step wellness program

Learn how to reduce stress in 4 days, 4 quick videos, 4 minute resources + become a confident, calm and in-control woman

free morning meditation

set your day up for success

Sit up in bed, listen with your coffee or get motivated during your morning walk. 5 minutes to make a huge difference in your day.

yogat at home program

download your yoga class

In this 15 minute session you'll release into forward folds, open with hip openers and relax with a beautiful breathing moment at the end.

It's my fave!

free affirmations a day

affirmation a day

Re-program your mind to clear it and calm it with this free 30 day affirmation challenge.

Pop your email in by clicking on the image above and start getting them to your email!

easy meal planner

free meal planner

Fed up of thinking of meals all the time? Struggle to find the time to plan a healthy meal? Well i've done all the thinking for you!

Boost your wellness by loving your food.

Please be aware that some of the links on this page are affiliate which means I make a small amount if you choose to buy - all my opinions are totally my own and I stand by everything I put on here. If you choose to purchase from a different site I'll still be really happy you added some of this beauty into your life.

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