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Yoga at Home – Are There More Benefits Than Going To a Yoga Class?

Yoga at Home – Are There More Benefits Than Going To a Yoga Class?

Yoga at home can be difficult, there’s no-one to specifically tell us what to do, there’s lack of motivation, accountability and heck we might be doing it horrendously wrong and not know what the hell we’re doing! However, there are so many benefits from practicing yoga at home when compared to going to a class. If you’re asking is home yoga effective and what are the benefits of home yoga practice … then this is going to change the game for you. Feel free to tick the boxes if you’re also stressed, super busy and need to handle that awful neck pain.

Firstly, are online yoga classes good? Are they even the same as going to a yoga class?

It all totally depends on the teacher and the platform. There are some teachers I love and will follow repeatedly (ahem Kathryn Budig), and there are some platforms that are super user friendly and make life so much easier. On the other hand, there are teachers and platforms I just don’t gel with. Some with a complicated process of selecting a video to the way the teacher teaches. That being said, yoga at home is great and online classes are good if you can find the right fit. And if you struggle to find the time and cash for a class then yoga from home is for you.

I started with online yoga from home, and that’s where it all began for me. I’d never step foot in a class and instead opted for YouTube to teach me the way. Within a week I was loving it, practicing 10 minutes a day, learning and growing mentally and physically. None of which I’d be able to do at a class with all the distractions and 60+ minute commitment. And to this day, I’ve spent more time practicing yoga at home with online classes than I have at a studio; I love it. I’ve been teaching for 5+ years, practicing for 8 and whilst I’ll head to a class on occasion to brush up on the little details, I consistently practice yoga at home because I find it’s far more effective for me.

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Yoga at home vs studio

When you practice at a studio, you have to factor in logistics when it comes to the travel time and costs, parking, what clothes you’re going to wear, the extra time you need to be there before class. You also end up factoring in the mental challenges when it comes to feeling self-conscious, nervous you’ll get something wrong, competitive because someone is doing better than you and potentially even anxiety over parking and getting there (if you’re anything like me anyway…). Yoga doesn’t have to be a sport where you get everything perfectly right, nor does it have to be an intensely mental challenge where you force your brain to be silent for as long as possible. It can be anything you want it to be and that’s why yoga at home is effective.

When you’re by yourself you have the space to experiment and learn about yourself. You have the choice to either underdo it or overdo it, and learn about how that feels. There’s the option of practicing in your pj’s, in your ball gown or naked, and learn about how that feels! You can only be distracted by yourself and your thoughts, you can stop when you like without any fear of judgement, you can fall over and fart without any fear of embarrassment… ultimately you are free. And you don’t always feel that freedom when you’re at a yoga class.

Now, I’m not saying yoga classes are bad, far from it. They hold their own beautiful benefits. You have the specific instruction from the teacher, you are encouraged to stay in the class for the full 60 minutes, (which can be so powerful), and you are dedicating a very specific, sacred time for yourself.  So if you’re asking yourself ‘should I practice yoga at home or class’ maybe you should ask yourself, ‘how often would I like to practice at home vs class?’. For me, I’d like to practice yoga at home 3-5 times a week and practice at class once a month. And that’s totally fine!

Yoga at home is effective, especially if you’re able to stay consistent and keep it regular; you’re far more likely to do that when it’s affordable and simple. And for that reason, I believe there are more benefits to practicing yoga at home vs studio. If you get to practice naked for as long or as little as you like, surely you’re winning?!

So which online yoga is best?

Well that’s the tricky one to answer because it’s so personal. I’ve tried so many and still love YogaGlo but only for the reason that I love Kathryn Budig. I don’t love that I can’t interact with the teachers, I do love that I can choose the class theme. Gaia is easy on the eye but can sometimes be a little out there for us practical ones. DoYogaWithMe is free which I love, but is pretty overwhelming for us busy, stressed lasses. If you’re after something that is easy to access and easy to navigate then you might like YogaGlo. Maybe you’re after heaps of choice then you’ll love DoYogaWithMe. If you’re after something a little more than just a physical practice then go for Gaia.

And if you’re after something that is easy to access, convenient and mobile friendly whilst providing you with a friendly, qualified teacher that offers you something a little more than yoga, then you might want to consider Yoga Live.


With live yoga, you have the opportunity to ask a genuine person any questions you have. You have specific guidance from a trained teacher right from your home. It’s easy to use (what can be easier than a Facebook Group…?!) and is so straightforward you can’t go wrong. You head on when the teacher is teaching to get motivated, to get support, to get calm and clear your mind. And if you can’t make it, you can catch the replay with the same pointers and questions.

For me, I lack motivation because I have no-one to hold me accountable whilst I’m at home. I lack the drive to go to a class because of the cost and convenience in my busy day. Yoga Live removes all those challenges. You have a genuine, friendly teacher to support you, along with a group of fantastic people practicing with you. You have yoga that is easy to access, convenient to your lifestyle, mobile friendly. And above all, you have a solution to clear your mind, reduce your stress and anxiety whilst maintaining your health and wellbeing, relieving your pain and reducing weight. And whilst you can also get this from going to a yoga class, practicing at a studio only really works if you have excess time and cash and let’s face it, that isn’t the majority of us.

So to sum up, yoga at home is great. There are so many benefits when it comes to online yoga and even more with Yoga Live.

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