which yoga works for you?

All us ladies have our own personal routines and responsibilities to work around. Here you’ll find online yoga classes to attend with the Yoga Live at Home Program or attend classes at the Studio itself. Take a look at both to decide which works for you + your lifestyle best!

Empower + Strengthen

The Empower Yoga Class focuses on building some beautiful strength; both physically and mentally. We explore core, strength and balance postures to encourage confidence and self-esteem.

helen sian india empower tone up - Online yoga classes
helen sian india de-stress and relax stretch - Online yoga classes

De-Stress + Stretch

This De-stress Yoga Class relieves stress and anxiety as you learn to relax. It provides you the space to put the world on hold while you take a well deserved time-out. Send your body deep into flexibility postures and your mind to a place of peace with lots of stretches and releases (the good kind…)’

Neutralise + Balance

Neutralise yoga classes aim to help you maintain the balance and focus in your life. We give both your mind and body a treat through a combination of balancing, stretching and strength so you feel stronger, more focused and in control of your practice and your life.

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