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Please note these sessions are not recommended for the first trimester of pregnancy unless you’re an experienced yoga student or have been advised by your doctor to practice.​

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Hey! I'm Helen - your relatable, empowering self-care friend. In this group we replace the guilt, self-doubt and anxiousness with confidence, kindness and empowered good vibes. I like to think I'm light-hearted, friendly and quite personable... and I've learnt this is an incredible reminder for to us believe we can take on any challenge with grace, gratitude and twinkly, joyful acceptance 🙂

I'm all about realistic advice, so we can recognize our efforts, mistakes and strengths and flipping enjoy the entire journey!

And for the good of all women, I show you how to praise self-respect, commend self-empowerment and acknowledge your worth with aligned, loving action to help you feel confident and excited right up to your labour and new time with your baby.
Helen Sian India smiling for Yoga LIVE
Helen Sian India
Teacher + Founder



For a one-time payment of $32

(Formerly once a month subscription)

we're real here.
we care here.
we empower here.

The club at a glance

PRACTICE at a time that suits you

All sessions are 20 minutes to fit seamlessly into your day - you can even double up if you fancy more!

Head to topics to pick a specific session or search in the group for what you want - take your pick and practice at a time that suits you!

beginner streams for all members

As soon as you join the group and get access to the videos, you'll be introduced to a series of sessions to try first. This is amazing for beginners as it teaches you how to move through your pregnancy and utilise yoga to keep you feeling strong, confident and capable.

Bi-weekly inspirational emails

Start your week with an empowering message from me - with realistic advise, we recognise our efforts, mistakes and strengths and flipping enjoy it all! And these are entirely free with your membership.

I'm here to keep you going

For the good of all women, I show you how to praise self-respect, commend self-empowerment and acknowledge your worth with aligned, loving action. I'm all about making your life easier so nore more feeling guilt over a 'missed' session. You do what you can, and by the end of our first month together, your yoga practice is habit.

What my members say...

Image of Katelyn testimonial for Yoga LIVE

Katelyn, Christchurch

"the best part of Yoga LIVE is I can do it wherever and whenever... I feel a lot calmer, I can deal with the stresses of life and overall my mind is just quieter!"

Image of Siobhan testimonial Yoga LIVE with Helen Sian India

Siobhan, Westport

"I was looking for something that was just for me, and I knew I wanted to find my place of calm and peace within all the loud and noise that is always around me. It's helped me be the mother I want to be - I'm grateful for Helen because she is such a helpful, response, thoughtful coach and friend"

Felicity testimonial Yoga LIVE with Helen Sian India

Felicity, Christchurch

"I love Helen's Yoga LIVE so much, she fits in with my life. If you have constant distractions like your family and work, it allows you to have time-out for yourself. All you have to lose from trying is a few extra worries!"



For a one-time payment of $32


You’ll mainly find beginner sessions with intermediate weaved in if you’d like to try something a little extra. In each session, I give an option for each so whatever level you feel you’re at, you can either challenge yourself or chill out. All sessions can be practised after your pregnancy and 2 sessions a week are dedicated to prenatal.

All sessions are pre-recorded so you can access them whenever you like. The group used to be ran with live sessions each week, but is now a great resource for your go-to pregnancy and post-natal yoga sessions on demand.

They’re a perfect time of 20 minutes. You can double, or triple up if you like to create an hour – but we find 20 minutes does the trick!

Of course you can! For anything you need, I offer personal 1:1 sessions (yoga starter package, motivation package). If you have a quick question you’re always welcome to email me at [email protected] or post in the Yoga LIVE group.

They did indeed, we used to have 3 live sessions a week. This has now changed as I haven’t been able to keep up with them, but wanted to make all previous sessions available to you at a very reasonable amount!

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