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$10 a month LIVE YOGA


Jump on Facebook into our private group for 3 LIVE yoga sessions a week, 20 minutes each. Sign up is simple, all you need is a Facebook account and you’re in!

Each session is available on replay, so if you can’t make it live you can practice at a better time that suits you. You can even head back and revisit a session you enjoyed whenever you fancy.

We have bonus monthly teachers + speakers so you’re looked after holistically. And you can expect gorgeous meditations dotted in each month.

Work, family, ambition and pressure can all cause so much stress…

let’s de-stress, get fit and relax, together.


Choose 6 months and feel sweeter for just $10 a month!


Get our annual membership and for less than $2 a week, make your entire year amazing!


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all sessions are available for replay + are added to your ever-growing library

phew! 20 minutes condensed into 1 minute...

not convinced yet?
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Solving the problems we all face

do these sound familiar?

The Yoga Live at Home Program eliminates all… – no more concerns about travel time, parking or changing clothes – fewer thoughts + decisions = easier life!

This groups mission is to make self-care easy and straight-forward. With a whole community of powerful, growing and empowered people the consistency and motivation you’ll find is one like no other.

I hear ya.. The ladies you’ll be joining have all been there with you, which is why we are supportive and nurturing. Alongside learning how to care for yourself physically, you’ll also be learning how to have patience and compassion with yourself – with this, the anxiety, overthinking and stress falls by the wayside.

Attend classes in the comfort of your own home! Avoid the journey to and from the studio and save yourself heaps of time by practicing yoga classes in your own home. Enjoy the freedom to practice around your schedule, in your pj’s, with no worry of making accidental noises…

And for less than $1 a session!

Ah how lovely would it be if every time we meditated our thoughts just instantly disappeared… I wish! Even those experienced meditators among us have cluttered meditations and thoughts. A short, sweet and consistent practice of meditation with a dash of patience is what calms your mind down over time. Then you’ll quickly begin to feel the benefits and calm a simple yoga and meditation routine can bring.

I tackle anxiety and confidence too – you’re not alone. Step by step you move at your own pace without fear of going wrong or of embarrassment. With each session you learn how to love yourself and your body so anxiety becomes easier and confidence grows.

With support before and after the session and specific cues throughout, you’ll find a level that works exactly for you. Different options are given throughout, and because you are practicing in your own space, you can go at your own pace and do whatever feels comfortable for you. If you want to take childs pose every other minute, no-one’s saying you can’t!

This Yoga Live at Home Program is different to the other online platforms you may have tried as you have the option to attend yoga live classes on Facebook. Attending a live online yoga class feels totally different to a pre-recorded class. Firstly, you are still part of a beautiful and supportive yoga community – you can see how many other ladies are taking part with you plus the opportunity to chat before and after. And secondly, you enjoy this community with your own privacy in the comfort of your own space.


Coaching Stress Women Helen Sian India

I’m a Harry Potter loving, crisp eating, wine loving Capricorn that always strives for perfection. Which you’ll know is bittersweet and is my best friend at times, and nemesis at others.

I’ve been teaching for over 5 years and practicing for life and can’t imagine i’ll ever stop. I started off with training in Yoga purely out of interest (I hated running and the gym and being a child dancer, yoga seemed the ONLY sensible option of course). I then found myself getting pulled into Personal Training, Nutrition, Meditation, Life Coaching, Psychology and more and now feel the incessant need to help others feel amazing too in this tipsy, topsy world.

Yoga helped me massively, with my anxiety, my fitness, my sleep, my self-doubt, my fears and I just want everyone else to feel the beautiful benefits too. There is nothing else that will quite tick all the boxes. 

Do you believe me?

Let me show you, eh 😉

the classes

strengthen and tone helen sian india empower yoga live


The Empower Yoga Class focuses on building some beautiful strength; both physically and mentally. We explore core, strength and balance postures to encourage confidence and self-esteem

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This De-stress Yoga Class relieves stress and anxiety as you learn to relax. It provides you the space to put the world on hold while you take a well deserved time-out. Send your body deep into flexibility postures and your mind to a place of peace with lots of stretches and releases (the good kind…)


Neutralise yoga classes aim to help you maintain the balance and focus in your life. We give both your mind and body a treat through a combination of balancing, stretching and strength so you feel stronger, more focused and in control of your practice and your life

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a membership that is going to best keep you motivated. All plans offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

6 month


lovely sweet spotters so far

12 month


Each membership is automatically renewed to make things even easier for you – to cancel, simply email [email protected] before your current membership finishes. Your participation in the group will be cancelled along with any future payments.


All levels. You’ll mainly find beginner to intermediate but at times there may be some advanced stuff! In each session, I give an option for each so whatever level you feel you’re at, you can either challenge yourself or chill out.

At the moment they’re (all NZT)  Tues 6:50am , Weds 5:50pm and Thursday 11:50am. If you happen to miss one or can’t make it at the time, a replay will always be available. 

Of course you can! For anything you need, I offer personal 1:1 sessions (more info on WORK WITH ME page). If you have a quick question you’re always welcome to email me at [email protected] or post in the group.

Of course! Every live session will be posted in the group, so if you can’t make it live there will always be a replay option – you can even search a specific type of class in the group to find exactly what you’re after.

Absolutely! The group is welcome to all.

Not at all! All you can see is the number of people live and myself, teaching 🙂


'I absolutely adored working through Helen's yoga - as someone who struggles with mobility, I was worried that the yoga routines would be too difficult or that I wouldn't be able to easily get into them as easily as others might do. I needn't have worried though as Helen's routines were so accessible and easy to follow - and her easiness + gorgeous personality shining through each video put me at ease every time! I also loooved the personalised routine map, as it gave me a good idea of how I could help a different part of my body throughout the week. Thank you so much lovely, I am so grateful for you!'

Rachel, Creative Studio Owner

When I first did a yoga with Helen, it started a change in me. Unlike I had expected, there was no getting it wrong - just encouragement and relaxation.. I'm not a confident person & I struggle with a lot of anxiety - the course and yoga really helped me to focus on not only my own good qualities and achievements, but on everything positive in my life. I've tried meditation before and didn't mind it, but it never fully landed. The meditations by Helen are accessible. More than that, they gave me a way to anchor myself, help me to focus and manage anxiety spikes. As a result of yoga, I truly feel better about myself. I'm more self accepting and comfortable in my own skin. I find life a bit easier & a lot lovelier. I'd recommend this group to so many people who need to develop their focus, self compassion, productivity and so much more.

Eve, Fundraising Manager

Before yoga, I had issues with staying focused in meditations - my mind is racing with lots of things and no matter what I tried, I couldn't calm my mind to meditate. The meditations are quick and clearly focused, rather than just an instruction to 'stop thinking'. I also find it hard to find time for yoga, thinking I needed to do a full session to be worthwhile. I've noticed the biggest difference when it comes to my anxiety levels - my family is under stress now, due to my husband's serious illness, and I found myself waking up with anxiety attacks and feeling panicky often. With the meditations and yoga these have reduced and I feel calmer. I've used the meditations as a tool when I start feeling anxious, when nothing else has worked. The best part about it is I no have some new and realistic tools to fit into my day. If you weren't 100% sure about it but wanted to give it a go, I'd tell you to get Helen to tailor a package for you because it gets you really clear about the issues you need to address, takes some weight off your shoulders and helps you take some steps to addressing them, with personalised and practical solutions. I'd totally recommend the course to my best friend because it's fun, positive, easy implement and comes with no judgement! Lots of positivism too, which I love. I've noticed more calmness, less tension in my shoulders, better sleep and I feel I have tools to help me as things get tougher in the future; I was most surprised about how much I am enjoying meditation again - it's not a chore, but something I enjoy starting my day with!

Tracey, Business Owner @ Career Matters 

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