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reveal the calm within you when times get tough
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affordable, FRIENDLY live online yoga

Join in anytime! Replays available for when you can't make the lives and you have a say in what we practice!
They're short + sweet 20 minute sessions to fit in any time of day.

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Instantly start feeling calm with a stretch and some mindfulness any time in the dau

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Get 3 months free with an annual membership + totally transform your life


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I've been teaching for 7 years now, and I know what works to give us instant calm. It's not just a drop-in yoga studio, an anonymous app or online recording when you join us in Yoga LIVE, you get far more. I'm here to provide you with loving support, tailored sessions and extra guidance when you need it. I'm your personal yoga teacher right at home.
Helen Sian India smiling for Yoga LIVE
Helen Sian India
Teacher + Founder

FEEL stronger, calmer, fitter and toned. 

A happier, calmer you in 20 minutes.


TRY OUT A yoga live class

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the place where you can dedicate attention on yourself

Let's start relaxing! Fitness that fits with YOUR lifestyle.

Do you feel like you're racing around all day, chasing after everyone and everything with only one hour left for yourself (if that) to chill out before bed?
  Go you, my friend for making that last so long if so - it's tough!!
  Just imagine though feeling lighter, like a weight has been lifted after just 20 minutes.
That's how you feel after a Yoga LIVE session with me.

Yoga LIVE works.

I've been doing this for over 7 years now, and love what I do.
A simple 20 minute session to balance out the noise in our head, to stretch out those achy shoulders and tight hips can re-align everything.
When we show ourselves a little attention, even for just 20 minutes a day, we find everything running a lot smoother.
Think fewer sighs, yawns and tired eyes and more smiles, bouncines and lightness. That's what I give you in Yoga LIVE.

Make the choice to take some time for yourself.

That simple choice improves how you see your body, how you show your love and how you deal with challenges.  
Just imagine feeling relieved. Pause for a moment and see yourself relieved and happy like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.
 That's how we all feel after a Yoga LIVE session.

Tues 7:50am | Weds 5:50pm | Thurs 11:50am
in our private Facebook group
all 20 minute sessions



Pick a membership that is going to best keep you motivated. All plans offer a 2-week trial to see if it’s a good fit for you.

I'm new to Yoga

1 month

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Instantly start feeling calm with a stretch and some mindfulness any time in the dau

Get 3 months free!

12 month

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Pay only for 9 months + totally transform your life with an annual membership

Each membership is automatically renewed to make things even easier for you – to cancel, simply email [email protected] before your current Yoga LIVE membership finishes. Your participation in the group will be cancelled along with any future payments.


All levels. You’ll mainly find beginner to intermediate but at times there may be some advanced stuff! In each session, I give an option for each so whatever level you feel you’re at, you can either challenge yourself or chill out.

At the moment they’re (all NZT)  Tues 7:50am , Weds 5:50pm and Thursday 11:50am. If you happen to miss one or can’t make it at the time, a replay will always be available within the Yoga LIVE group. 

They’re a perfect time of 20 minutes. You can double, or triple up if you like to create an hour – but we find 20 minutes does the trick!

Of course you can! For anything you need, I offer personal 1:1 sessions. If you have a quick question you’re always welcome to email me at [email protected] or post in the Yoga LIVE group.

Of course! Every live session will be posted in the Yoga LIVE group, so if you can’t make it live there will always be a replay option – you can even search a specific type of class in the group to find exactly what you’re after.

Absolutely! Yoga LIVE is welcome to all.

Not at all! All you can see is the number of people live and myself, teaching 🙂

Absolutely! Most sessions are relatively gentle, and we have a pregnancy guideline document for you to check out when you join.

And if you jump on live I can give direct modifications!

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